We all love food! Food is one thing that is common among all human beings. Of course, over time we begin to develop a liking or a dislike towards certain types of food. For some chocolate must be something to gorge upon whereas, for a few, chocolate probably does not ring the desire bell in one’s palate.

Possessing a dislike or a liking for something cannot be judged, instead one should learn about how to express their likes and dislikes in well- spoken English. It is crucial to ensure your English grammar is well in-sync with the vocabulary you choose to use. Simple spoken English in the first few days of your exercise should work as a charm. This article is all about how to talk about the food you like in a correct way.

Technicalities to keep in mind while talking about food:

It is always good to keep your English speaking skills at its sharpest best when describing or explaining something to someone. This is a great exercise to improve your English and your English speaking skills effectiveness. Talking about your favourite food is also, not different. You need to keep in mind some descriptive words and have a range of culinary vocabulary ready at hand when you are about to tell someone about what food you like in particular.

Here’s what you may consider using:



























Why are you asked to talk about the food you like?

Often interviewers ask candidates, apparently silly questions which are unrelated to the job. One such question is “what is your favourite food?” or “tell us about the kind of food you like to eat.” While different people have different opinions about why such questions are asked, a good reason could be they want to check how well you can respond to such off-guard questions.

All the interviewers know that a candidate prepares a lot before coming to an interview. Thus often their answers sound rehearsed and diplomatic. Unexpected questions throw them off their guards and they are left with no choice but answer genuinely from their heart. Such candid conversations tell a lot about a person than a set questionnaire.

Additionally, questions like these also help to lighten the sombre mood of an interview and introduce an element of fun. A candidate is more likely to answer better in a relaxed atmosphere and thus a question like “what is your favourite food?” comes handy. Therefore, next time you go for an interview and the interviewer asks you about your favourite food, do not get alarmed. Take it as an opportunity to present yourself as you really are. Remember, nothing cuts a more impressive figure than pure genuineness.

Example of how to talk about the food you like:

“I cannot get over the addiction I have built for chocolate. My liking for chocolate starts and ends at one point…its dark and intense flavour. It is extremely sweet with the exact tint of bitterness that suits my taste and liking. It could be eaten at any point of time throughout the day. I like my chocolate dark and soft. I also love the fact that it could be added to any milkshake or sweet dish as per one’s desire. It’s extremely inviting and indulgent!”

In a Nutshell:

Talking about food is definitely a fun way to initiate a hearty conversation. Especially if you are someone who enjoys anything that is related to food, this kind of conversation is sure to bring a smile to your face. However, like every descriptive topic, talking about your favourite food also needs some technicalities. Your vocabulary should reflect your interest in food and you definitely need to deliver that in an honest, unpretentious manner. Once all these boxes are ticked you can go on talking about the kind of food that you absolutely adore!

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