How it works

Here is a little more about our unique
formula that ensures the best results!

Our Interview and Resume Building Curriculum have the following Key Features

Expert Career Consultant

We handpick the best quality Trainers with rich industry experience. . Your entire journey is guided by a personal mentor giving you a tailor-made learning experience at a daily level. "Your mentor is your Guru, your friend and your personality transformer"

In Depth Analysis of Interview Process

What interviewers ask VS What they really want to know is critical to excelling in an interview.We provide a deep understanding of the interview process as well as what the common and the not so common questions really mean and how best you can navigate them. This skill that a student gains during this process holds good for any Interviews he gives in his career span..

Customized Curriculum

The curriculum is customized based on your Interview Needs & your Career Aspirations.

Recorded Mock Interviews

Practice Makes you perfect and that is 100% true when it comes to interviews. WIth the guidance of your Personal Career Consultant student will know his development areas and can work towards improving them. With every mock interview students are “Test Driving” your answers and improving on them till you have THE best answer.

How we are the Best


Highly Qualified

Content Quality

One-on-one Training



Curriculum &


Proficiency Levels

The Fluent Life Way

Researched &

Detailed & Expert-led

Consistent & Regular

Interview Core Skills, Resume Building,
Building an effective Personal Brand


Basic, Intermediate,

Classroom Training

Localized, compromised


Scripted & Memorized

2-3 times a week


Books, Apps, Videos

No Trainer

Bite Size

Objective & Computerized

Scripted & Memorized