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Simple Phone Conversation in English: Important Etiquette Phrases & Dialogues

Conversations are very important, no matter what the language you use. The main idea behind learning a language is...

Sep 5 · 5 min read >

Use of Modal Verbs in English Grammar: Learning Modal Auxiliary and Their Functions

Modals/ modal verbs/ modal auxiliary verbs are a special type of verbs present in English grammar. These verbs are...

Sep 4 · 6 min read >

How to Remember Vocabulary Words? 8 Best Ways to Memorize English Words Fast

Mastering a new language is not a cakewalk as there are many obstacles that one has to overcome while...

Sep 4 · 3 min read >

Types of Figure of Speech in English: Examples of Figurative Language to Ace English

Word or phrase possessing different meaning from its literal definition is called a figure of speech. Different types of...

Aug 31 · 7 min read >

Connectors in English Grammar: Simple Guide to Learn the Use of Linkers

What is the definition of connectors?  Connectors in English grammar are basically conjunctive words which are used for connecting...

Aug 18 · 6 min read >

Tricky Words to Spell in English: A Guide for Right English Pronunciation

Writing a piece of content on a computer is considered to be easier by many as it autocorrects to...

Aug 10 · 5 min read >

Daily Use of English Sentences in Conversations: Spoken English Sentences for Everyday

English is a widely spoken language all over the world, people use basic spoken sentences everyday. From greeting someone...

Jul 29 · 3 min read >

How to Practice English Speaking? Online Exercises to Improve Your English Skills

Learning any language is tough, especially if you try to learn at an adult age. After a certain age,...

Jul 22 · 2 min read >

The Formula of Present Perfect Continuous Tense: Facts and Rules to Know

Present perfect continuous tense is a verb tense that is used when we talk about something that we started...

Jul 13 · 3 min read >