English is the most widely spoken language. And the fact that you are reading this English-language article even though you live in a Marathi-speaking region or any part of the world demonstrates the value of studying English.

So, without wasting any more time, here are the best English Spoken Courses in Pune that will help you not only speak English but also enhance your grammar and accent. Read the entire article to understand which one can you choose the best.

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Best English Spoken Classes in Pune

Learning a new language comes with its own set of obstacles and delights. The following are the primary reasons why language lessons are so popular nowadays:

Students learn the fundamentals of speaking as well as how to use words in a phrase in English classes.

Students learn the fundamentals of effective communication in a spoken English course, such as sentence formation, pronunciation, and so on. This, in turn, aids in the acquisition of new vocabulary.

Many language classes also emphasise public interviewing, speaking, listening, and writing abilities including email drafting and letter writing, as well as other forms of communication.

Best Spoken English Classes

ELTIS – English Language Teaching Institute of Symbiosis

ELTIS, Symbiosis University’s English Language Teaching Institute, is a separate institute inside Symbiosis University that awards you a degree or diploma based on the English language course you take.

Students from all over the world come to ELTIS to earn their certificates since Symbiosis is a well-known Global University brand. As a result, you will have the opportunity to study a foreign language with international students while still earning a degree.

Pros – Because the programme is a bachelor’s degree, all components of it, including presentation skills, speaking skills, writing skills, and grammar, have clearly defined modules and curriculum.

Cons – Half of the fees must be paid in USD, making the programme prohibitively expensive for Indian students.

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Career Care

Career Care is well-known for its IELTS preparation and hence has ample knowledge and experience in teaching the language. IELTS Exams are difficult to pass, and since the Class has a solid reputation and name for preparing students for the exam, the Spoken English class is no exception.

The class provides appropriate study materials and career guidance, as well as Mock Tests and one-on-one attention, to ensure that you learn the language quickly and correctly.

Locations: Model Colony, Prabhat Road.

Lotus IT Hub

Lotus IT Hub is a Spoken English Institute in Pune with a unique selling point. Unlike the previous two, Lotus IT Hub caters to the Professional or Business requirements that students are expected to meet.

As a result, the Lotus IT Hub course structure is meant to assist students in starting their careers more efficiently and ensuring that they do not suffer any difficulties as a result of their language. The course structure involves the development of listening, reading, writing, and presentation skills, with a focus on soft skills and interview skills.

Locations: Karvenagar

Mrs Walia’s English Classes

Mrs Walia has over 20 years of experience at the University of Pune (SPPU) teaching the language to Indian and foreign-language students. Her teaching methods, when combined with her experience, are particularly result-oriented and effective in functional, academic, and business settings. She teaches lessons and short courses to students, professionals, and housewives who need language training.

Location: Aundh


Elixir is a series of Speaking Classes with locations all across Pune. We kept it at the fifth position since it has a huge number of branches, and not all of them are of equal quality.

However, Elixir’s enormous number of batches and study material geared for beginners to advanced learners are excellent. Due to its standardised services and curriculum across all of its locations, Elixir is a safe pick compared to other local players in your area.

Locations: Chandan Nagar,  Aundh, Bhosari, Bhusari Colony, Talegaon, Chinchwad, Deccan, Kondhwa, Sanghavi, Hadapsar, Kothrud, Nigdi, Pimpri, Sinhagad Road, Lonavala, Swargate, Wagholi.

Spoken English Conversation

So you’re standing in a circle of English-speaking people. It’s entertaining to listen to their talk; you comprehend what they’re saying and want to join in.

When you have to say the words, though, you become apprehensive and your palms begin to sweat. Who knows what they’ll think of you if you say something poorly or inaccurately? What if they don’t grasp what you’re saying? What if you make the entire enjoyable chat awkward?

These are all very typical and natural concerns when trying to communicate. This may explain why speaking is the most difficult aspect of language learning. So don’t be embarrassed – it’s very natural. So don’t be embarrassed – it’s very natural. There are numerous things you may do to assist you in overcoming your mental block.

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Use Technology

A smartphone can be an effective language learning and boosting tool. Use it to record yourself speaking and then listen to it and compare it with the videos so that you can check if you are pronouncing the same. To organise your practice time and keep track of all the new words you learn, use all of your favourite productivity applications.

Listen to news podcasts and music, can also listen to TED talks to hear how words are pronounced. This is also a good approach to picking up new words, idioms and phrases. You will learn more and also knowledge can be enhanced if you pay attention! To improve your pronunciation and learn new words to add to your vocabulary in a sentence that is stressed, try mimicking what you hear.


Debate all of your favourite and trending issues with your family, friends and close ones. To make your point, try to utilise as much terminology and sentences as possible, and pay attention to the other points and against points so you can successfully counter them.

Several fantastic dictionary apps give you every word’s meaning on your smartphone, and online dictionaries typically contain audio samples and dialects so you can verify your pronunciation. But be careful not to grow overly reliant or reliable on these technologies as it will deteriorate your language. Try pronouncing the words first, then double-check with google or any device to see whether you were correct!

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Join Fluent Life!

If you want to speak the language, you should focus on your vocabulary and grammatical abilities since if you succeed in both, you will be able to quickly learn the language.

You can visit the FluentLife website for extensive learning and to fully comprehend each topic because all of the articles provided there are about ethics and learning, whether professional or personal.

The articles are written genuinely to ensure that each learner comprehends the concepts through examples and functions. The learners can also benefit from using this platform. You can also download the Fluent Life application if you log in to the Fluent Life website.


Hopefully, this article has covered everything you need to know about the best classes in Pune. In the current situation, being fluent in English speaking is extremely vital because English has gained significance in all contexts.

In the professional world, you must be fluent to represent your company or organisation in front of others, and in the personal world, you must be flawless in English to be considered worthy when speaking in a group.

You will also receive all of the lectures and videos in a tailored format based on your learning and skills. As a result, you can go to the platform and realise all of your dreams.

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