One more topic for English conversation topic is planning a picnic. Woah! It’s vacation time. Arjun and Neeta are siblings. Arjun is a student and Neeta is working. It’s a Sunday evening they both are planning for a family picnic. The conversation is taking place in the dining hall. Mutually, they are figuring out for a destination which is worth visiting in monsoon season. It’s often that you are in the same situation planning for a family picnic.

Fluent Life- Planning a Picnic

Fluent Life- Planning a Picnic

Read the conversation carefully.

Neeta: Hi, Wassup.
(An alternative: Hello, How are you?)
Arjun: Bored at home. That’s why I have called you.
(An alternative: I am too bored at home.)
Neeta: Vacations started?
(An alternative: Oh yeah! Vacation started. Join some classes.)
Arjun. Yes, I said Mom & Dad yesterday, only to plan a family trip.
(Do not say: I wanna go for a trip.)
Neeta: I won’t  get a holiday on weekdays.
(Do not say: But I won’t get holidays on weekdays.)
Arjun: Don’t worry. We are planning for a weekend only.
(An alternative: Is weekend cool with you?)
Neeta: Suggest a good place.
(An alternative: Then suggest me a good place nearby.)
Arjun: It’s monsoon season. We should explore the nature.
(An alternative: Let’s explore the nature. It’s monsoon season.)
Neeta: You want to go some Hill station?
(An alternative: Hill station? What say?)
Arjun: Let’s go Panchgani. It’s not far we can take our car.
(An alternative: Would you want to go Panchgani?)
Neeta: Sounds exciting. I have heard about the place from my friends too. It’s beautiful.
(An alternative: Oh yeah! It’s beautiful. My friends told me once.)
Arjun: Yes, it is. Especially in the monsoon season.
(An alternative: We should go in the monsoon season, surely.)
Neeta: Great then. Let’s talk to Mom & Dad in evening.
(An alternative: Amazing! I am already excited.)

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How would you plan a picnic?

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