English conversation chat is the basis of communication in this scenario. It is a need for everyone to learn English so that they can at least understand the basics if someone else speaks before them.

Are you here in search of an English conversation chat? If yes, you will get the tips for the chat as well as the examples so that you understand the ways to have an informal conversation related to different topics.

English is not a tough language but it can prove to be challenging for beginners because of the rules and multiple functions. You need to start with the easy concepts and then go on to the tough ones.

Also, remember that you have to learn about each user and exceptions about the concepts so that you can use them in your sentences. English will prove to be the best language when it comes to conversation if you will get perfect in it. So, if you want to grab the information regarding English chat, let’s begin with the content.

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English Conversation Chat

The English conversation chat is the most important and required thing in the professional as well as personal environment these days. You have to be fluent in speaking English while talking to colleagues and friends.

The words you choose while speaking are extremely crucial as they define the kind of person you are and how magnificent your thoughts are. You must learn about having conversations in different environments because both kinds of environments differ in their zone and significance.

Multiple words from the dictionary can only be used in the formal tone but not in the informal tone and vice versa. There are numerous English conversation topics related to different fields.

One more English conversation topic is planning a picnic.

Woah! It’s vacation time. Arjun and Neeta are siblings. Arjun is a student and Neeta is working. It’s a Sunday evening and they both are planning for a family picnic. The conversation is taking place in the dining hall.

Mutually, they are figuring out a destination that is worth visiting in the monsoon season. It’s often that you are in the same situation planning for a family picnic.

The example is given below related to the picnic conversation. Read the conversation carefully to understand how to initiate and go forward with the informal conversation.

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English Conversation First Example

Neeta: Hi, Wassup.

(An alternative: Hello, How are you?)

Arjun: Bored at home. That’s why I have called you.

(An alternative: I am too bored at home.)

Neeta: Vacations started?

(An alternative: Oh yeah! Vacation started. Join some classes.)

Arjun. Yes, I said Mom & Dad yesterday, only to plan a family trip.

(Do not say: I wanna go for a trip.)

Neeta: I won’t get a holiday on weekdays.

(Do not say: But I won’t get holidays on weekdays.)

Arjun: Don’t worry. We are planning for a weekend only.

(An alternative: Is the weekend cool with you?)

Neeta: Suggest a good place.

(An alternative: Then suggest a good place nearby.)

Arjun: It’s monsoon season. We should explore nature.

(An alternative: Let’s explore nature. It’s monsoon season.)

Neeta: You want to go to some Hill station?

(An alternative: Hill station? What do you say?)

Arjun: Let’s go to Panchgani. It’s not far we can take our car.

(An alternative: Would you want to go to Panchgani?)

Neeta: Sounds exciting. I have heard about the place from my friends too. It’s beautiful.

(An alternative: Oh yeah! It’s beautiful. My friends told me once.)

Arjun: Yes, it is. Especially in the monsoon season.

(An alternative: We should go in the monsoon season, surely.)

Neeta: Great then. Let’s talk to Mom & Dad in the evening.

(An alternative: Amazing! I am already excited.)

Picnic Conversation Example Second

Omisha: Hi, How have you been?

Arpan: I am doing great, How are you?

Omisha: I am also good. Let’s plan a get-together with our friends next weekend.

Arpan: Oh, That’s a fabulous idea! How about planning for a picnic?

Omisha: It sounds like great fun. One of my friends went to Botanix Nature Resort last month with his family and really enjoyed it there.

Arpan: Which is this resort? I have never heard about it

Omisha: It is around 50Kms from Delhi and is built in a thirty acres park. It’s a farm full of adventure sports. What do you say?

Arpan: It seems like a really good place, Let Me discuss it with other friends and by this weekend we would take a call

Omisha: What about food?

Arpan: Do we get food there?

Omisha: Yeah, of course, however, I will confirm it from my friend

Arpan: At what time we should leave?

Omisha:  I think we should leave early morning so that we can enjoy all the activities

Arpan: You are right, let’s decide about other things among everyone and accordingly take a call.

Omisha: Ask everyone to get their swimsuits along as the resort has a large pool, it will be really enjoyable

Arpan: Cool, I will get the Badminton rackets and the football

Omisha: Great! We’re gonna have great fun there, so let’s get started!

Arpan: Yup

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Tips for English Conversation

If you want to get perfect in the English conversation, you have to work on your vocabulary because the words you speak are extremely crucial in a conversation. You can learn to have informal conversations with your friends and anyone else in the personal environment by going through the tips and tricks given here.

You must be aware of the native vocabulary words and sarcastic things to make your conversation more lively. Let’s start the learning with the ways to initiate a conversation and go ahead with it.


While speaking to someone, you must start with greeting them. Most of the languages around the world begin with greeting because it shows your respect and interest in the conversation through greetings. If you are learning English, you will get informal greetings as well as informal ways that can be used in different situations. If you are willing to start a conversation in a formal way, you can start by saying:

#. Hello

#. It’s a pleasure to meet you

#. Good morning/afternoon/evening

Moreover, if you want to have a chit-chat in an informal way, you can initiate with the following greetings:

#. Hi

#. Hello

#. Hey

#. Yo!

#. What’s up? – this is an informal way to say: how are you?

Asking Questions

While thinking about having a conversation with someone, questions play a very vital role. You can initiate the conversation with questions. It gives a polite gesture to the other person and you can know about the person in the starting statements.

You must have noticed that while willing to talk to someone, you must have first thought about knowing about the behaviour or perceptions of the other person. Well, this important activity can be done easily by asking a question. The questions that you can ask are:

#. How’s it going?

#. Hi, how are you?

#. How’s your day going?

#. Have a busy day?

#. How’s life?

#. How’s everything?

Furthermore, you can ask some basic questions too. The questions given below can be asked to anyone at any given point in time according to the situation.

#. What’s your name?

#. Where do you live?

#. Where are you from?

#. What do you do?

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Listening is the greatest trait when it comes to communication. If you don’t have the listening ability, your conversation will not go in the right direction. You must concentrate on the sentences and words used by the other person along with preparing your mind for the best reply.

Listening skills also help you to show respect to the person as while they are speaking, you listen to them. It feels like you are understanding their perceptions and thoughts and they like to talk to you more.

Communication is a two-way process and if you listen to the other person then only they will listen to you and give you the relevant feedback. This is a crucial point for the conversation.

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Hopefully, this article has given you all the content regarding an English conversation. It is tremendously important to be fluent in English speaking in the present scenario because English has made its value in all environments.

The professional environment requires you to be proficient in English so that you represent the company or organization before others and the personal environment requires you to be perfect in English so that you are marked worthy while talking in a group.

If you aspire to talk in English, you need to think about your vocabulary and grammar skills because if you are excellent in both of these fields, you can get proficient in the language easily. For detailed English learning and to understand each concept precisely, you can visit the Fluent life website because all the articles available there are about English ethics and learning be it professional or personal.

The articles are written authentically so that each learner understands the concepts with examples and functions. The learners also have the advantage of choosing this platform. If you get connected to the Fluent Life site, you can also download the Fluent life application. The major benefit of downloading the application is that it can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices. Also, you will get all the lectures and videos in a customized format which is according to your learning and skills. So, you can visit the platform and make all your aspirations come true.