The English language is now spoken all over the world, and it is the primary language in the majority of countries. This is one of the reasons you should study the language diligently.

Learning English will provide you with several opportunities, whether for a job or travel. To help you get better at spoken English, we have hand-picked some of the best spoken English classes in Chennai.

Best Spoken English Classes in Chennai

If you are looking for the best spoken English classes, check the list down below:

The Fluent Life (Online)

Fluent Life provides its pupils with high-quality information and endless video courses. They make certain that the learning process is as easy as possible. The highly regarded one-on-one training method greatly helps the pupils.

Trainers assist students to fix their faults and learn new things like grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation by constantly tracking their performance.

All Fluent Life courses address important subjects such as interview key skills, resume writing, and developing a strong brand personality. The classes are divided into three levels: beginner, medium, and advanced.

English is an exciting language, and Fluent Life’s programs make it much more interesting to learn. Anyone who wants to improve their English fluency while sitting on the couch can simply register at Fluent Life for the greatest results.

Click here to get the best fluent English speaking course.

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Besant Technologies

Besant Technologies is the 2nd best institute in Chennai for spoken English lessons. According to the site’s syllabus, it includes listening, reading, and speaking tasks.

Grammar, common conversation practice, email writing, and verbal ability preparation are also included in the curriculum. Students can also add resume development, student interviews, discussion groups, stand-alone presentations, and body posture to the course as optional extras.

In Chennai, the institute now provides an American English speaking course. It holds sessions on weekdays and weekends at 8:00, 10:00, and 11:00 a.m. The institute now has a 5/5 rating on the Play Store from 1950 people.

Velgro Technologies

Velgro Technologies is also one of the top five colleges in Chennai that provides spoken English lessons. Grammar, voice and accent training, and personality development are all part of the course.

Communication, effective listening, meeting and welcoming, shaking hands, writing abilities, and etiquette are some of the important personality development points covered in this course. In Chennai, it currently exclusively provides an American English speaking course.

It also provides additional courses as one of the leading English teaching centers in Chennai. These include the beginning, advanced, and spoken English, as well as a competitive test. It also provides classes in additional languages, including Spanish, Ukrainian, Hindi, Chinese, German, and French. Currently, the institution does not have an app available on the Google or iOS app stores.

British Council

The British Council is the most respected institution that provides a British English speaking course in Chennai. It provides training for children as young as four years old. It is divided into four sections: 4-6 years old, 7-10 years old, 11-17 years old, and IELTS prep. Get better at spoken English conversation with this program.

These programs start at Rs 9,000, Rs 6,000, Rs 6,000, and Rs 4,000. Furthermore, the top British English speaking course in Chennai provides a syllabus depending on the child’s or adult’s needs.

The institute offers skill-focused, enjoyable, and engaging sessions taught by certified experts. As a result, it retains its reputation as the top English speaking institute in Chennai. The institute now has a 4.6/5 rating from 12,262 people on the Google Play store.


Dr. Azhar Ahmed, the instructor at Aksent, is the most potential English-speaking institute in Chennai. He has over fifteen years of expertise working with corporations and institutes. He also has knowledge in  Economics, Public Administration, Psychology, and Industrial Relations.

The institute claims a world-class curriculum, a variety of courses, engaging classroom educational experiences, and motivating material. Furthermore, the institute has trained over seventy customers in over 3000 batches.

Why Take a Spoken English Course?

The main advantage of taking appropriate spoken English courses is that you will be able to learn to talk fluently. It is a worldwide language that will allow you to speak in practically any place you may visit.

Travelling to other places with your family is frequently the ideal way to spend your summer vacation. If you can’t converse with the natives, getting about the nation may be challenging. Many folks will be able to utter a few words that will help you navigate their nation.

If you often travel for work to other countries, studying English can undoubtedly help you. All international corporations and internet enterprises have a global consumer base. This is to help them establish their brand and get it known throughout the world.

Learning English as a second language will enable you to take your business online and meet new partners and possibilities. You will also learn correct business etiquettes that will assist you in writing professional e-mails, agreements, and contracts in English.

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Why Learn English?

Improve Fluency

When conversing with an English speaker, everything you’ve acquired so far in your language studies must be ready to go at a moment’s notice. Speaking a language, in essence, helps to bring your understanding of grammar, vocabulary, and intonation from the back of your mind towards the front, or from your slow memory’ to your ‘fast memory.’ This will increase your fluency and memory over time.

Consider it ‘muscle memory,’ which is essential for athletes and musicians alike. It’s all very well sitting and memorizing every conceivable chord while you’re studying guitar, but you won’t be able to play smoothly until you start plucking those chords and putting the notes into practice.

Learning From Mistakes

Speaking aloud allows you to identify any gaps in your vocabulary and grammar. When you’re speaking to somebody and you’re trying to finish a sentence or comprehend what they’re saying, it immediately tells you what you know and what you can’t understand.

You can grow from your mistake, and chatting with a native English speaker is frequently the quickest method to remedy them, they can point out where you’re causing the problem and help you develop faster.

The great majority of speakers will be eager to assist you and will not condemn you, which is where having a conversation partner may be really beneficial.

Communication Skills

It might be difficult to completely reproduce the communication aspect of learning languages when learning alone at home. Language is a means for communication, thus this aspect of the learning process is crucial.

Speaking and listening in a different tongue can improve practical communication skills in ways that textbook study will not, which is why our school provides group and one-on-one courses.


Getting out there and expressing what you’ve learned is vital not only for your language studies but also for you as a human being! Making new acquaintances and opening up new options for travel, new work prospects, vacations, and even finding love learning a new language serves as a gateway in unexpected ways.

Going to an English-speaking nation and not knowing the language isolates you, so never be scared to reach out and communicate, it’s through communication that we can develop as humans while also expanding our vocabularies!

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