Here is a conversation which will remind you of your first day of your job. You enter a new office and don’t know whom to talk. You want someone to welcome you with warm regards to the company. There is an existing employee who comes and starts talking to you. You cannot stay quiet at that time. This is surely not going to give a good impression of you. If you want that you are fluent while you have a conversation in your new office. In spite of feeling awkward, you should read the below conversation.

Fluent Life- Conversation with colleague

Fluent Life- Conversation with colleague

Read the conversation carefully:

Sushant: Hi, What’s your name?
(The below sentence can sound better.)
(An alternative: Hi, May I know your good name?)
Sanket: Hi, My name is Sanket.
(An alternative: Hello, My name is Sanket and yours?)
Sushant: I am Sushant. What are you here for?
(Do not say: Sushant here. What’s your profile?)
Sanket: I have been appointed as a Content Writer.
(Do not say: I am as a Content Writer.)
(An alternative: I am here as a Content Writer.)
Sushant: Content Writer. Sounds interesting. Are you a fresher?
(This can sound more interesting.)
(An alternative: Content Writer. Oh Woah! That’s something creative.)
Sanket: I was as an intern in a Digital Media Company. I was working as a Content Writer there.
(Do not say: Interning at Digital Media Company as a Content Writer.[Interning- Present Tense])
(An alternative: I was interning with a Digital Media Company.)
Sushant: Okay. That’s great.
Sanket: Thank you. From how long are you working here?
(Do not say: How much time you are working here?)
(An alternative: It’s been how long you are working here?)
Sushant: Probably 3months that’s all. I am working as a Business Developer here.
(An alternative: Approximately 3months not much.)
Sanket: Okay.
Sushant: What’s your qualification? Are you studying?
(An alternative: Are you still studying?)
Sanket: I have given graduation in BMS.
(This isn’t the appropriate answer)
(An alternative: I have just completed my graduation in BMS.)
Sushant: From which college?
Sanket: NM College in Vile Parle.
(This can sound more interesting.)
(An alternative: Oh nice! That’s a really good college.)
Sushant: Great. Nice meeting you.

Test your Comprehension

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If you were Sanket, what would you do?

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