While we travel, we meet unknown people. There is always an awkward situation while talking to new people. You have so many thoughts wandering around. What is most important that you speak fluent English. You cannot be silent, that’s not how you behave with a stranger you meet on a trek. What conversation would be right? How should you start? We answer these questions for you.

Fluent Life- Conversation with a stranger

Fluent Life- Conversation with a Stranger

Read the conversation carefully:

Raj: Hi
(Do not say: Hi, Bro! Wassup.) (An alternative: Hi, What’s your name?)
Seema: Hi
(An alternative: Hi, What’s your name?)
Raj: Are you a Trekker?
(Do not say: You are a Trekker.)
Seema: No no this is my first trek.
(An alternative: This is my first trek. What about you?)
Raj: Oh, that’s great! This is my third┬átrek.
(Do not say: Mine is also third.)
Seema: Okay. Are you studying or working?
(Do not say: Studying or Working?)
Raj: Currently, I have taken a break from studies and joined a company.
(An alternative: I have recently joined a company.)
Seema: Oh nice. Where do you work?
(Do not say: Where you working?)
Raj: I work at Andheri and you?
(Do not say: In Andheri)
Seema: Andheri. Where in Andheri? Even I work in Andheri.
(An alternative: Even I work in Andheri. )
Raj: Oh! My is office is in Sakinaka and yours?
(Do not say: I work in Sakinaka.)
Seema: I work at Andheri (West).
Raj: I think it’s going to rain we need to complete the trek soon.
(An alternative: The cloud looks dark. It might rain heavily.)
Seema: Yes, it’s my first trek I am already scared.
(Do not say: Yes, my first trek)
Raj: Don’t worry. We all will complete the trek safely. Let’s go.
(An alternative: You don’t have to worry. I am there here. Let’s go.)
Seema: Sure.

Test Your Comprehension

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If you were Seema, what would you do?

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