While we travel, we meet unknown people. There is always an awkward situation while talking to new people. You have so many thoughts wandering around. What is most important is that you speak fluent English. You cannot be silent, that’s not how you behave with a stranger you meet on a trek. What conversation would be right? How should you start? We answer these questions for you.

English Conversation Between Strangers

Here is an example of Raj and Seema’s small conversation, read carefully to get the idea of it.

Part 1

Raj: Hi

(Do not say: Hi, Bro! Wassup.) (An alternative: Hi, What’s your name?)

Seema: Hi

(An alternative: Hi, What’s your name?)

Raj: Are you a Trekker?

(Do not say: You are a Trekker.)

Seema: No no this is my first trek.

(An alternative: This is my first trek. What about you?)

Raj: Oh, that’s great! This is my third trek.

(Do not say: Mine is also third.)

Seema: Okay. Are you studying or working?

(Do not say: Studying or Working?)

Raj: Currently, I have taken a break from studies and joined a company.

(An alternative: I have recently joined a company.)

Seema: Oh nice. Where do you work?

(Do not say: Where you working?)

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Part 2

Raj: I work at Andheri and you?

(Do not say: In Andheri)

Seema: Andheri. Where in Andheri? Even I work in Andheri.

(An alternative: Even I work in Andheri. )

Raj: Oh! My is office is in Sakinaka and yours?

(Do not say: I work in Sakinaka.)

Seema: I work at Andheri (West).

Raj: I think it’s going to rain we need to complete the trek soon.

(An alternative: The cloud looks dark. It might rain heavily.)

Seema: Yes, it’s my first trek I am already scared.

(Do not say: Yes, my first trek)

Raj: Don’t worry. We all will complete the trek safely. Let’s go.

(An alternative: You don’t have to worry. I am there here. Let’s go.)

Seema: Sure.

Starting a Conversation with a Stranger

At first, striking up a meaningful discussion with a stranger might be difficult and nerve-wracking. Knowing how and where to strike up a conversation is a crucial skill, whether you’re an expert at it or struggle with chit-chat. Keep these steps in mind while striking up a conversation with a stranger:

Maintain an optimistic attitude. Approach the discussion with a good mindset. Maintain proper body language, such as smiling and uncrossing your arms, to convey your joy.

Take a deep breath in and out. Before starting the chat, take a few deep breaths. This will help you relax by lowering your heart rate and calming your nerves.

Keep an eye on the timing of the stranger. Keep your talk brief if the person appears to be preoccupied or concentrated.

Tips to Start a Conversation with a Stranger

Follow these key points before/while talking to a stranger:

Gather Information

Asking a question or a set of questions to a stranger is an excellent way to start a discussion with them. You might inquire about the climate, what they’re going to do tomorrow, or a shared professional duty, depending on the circumstances. Consider the following scenario:

For example: Do you know if the company president will speak to us during the inaugural meeting?

Consider what more questions or comments you could ask in addition to their answer to keep the conversation flowing.

Compliment the Stranger

To start a conversation, the best method is to compliment the person. This approach generally results in a pleasant conversation on the item or feature you’ve complimented. Consider the following scenario:

For example, I like your bag.

Use some follow-up questions to keep the discussion continuing, such as where they bought the bag and if it comes in various colors.

Bring Up a Shared Topic

Make use of your surroundings to start a conversation with a stranger. If you’re at an industry event, for example, inquire about the event from the individual sitting next to you in a session. If you’re getting lunch, tell the individual in line next to you about your favourite food. Here’s another illustration:

For example: Do you have a job in the structure? Yesterday, I observed your car parked next to mine.

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Introduce Yourself

An introduction is a simple approach to start a discussion with someone you don’t know. Here’s an illustration:

For example: Hello, my name is Andrew. I’ve recently been transferred to this department and wanted to introduce myself to everybody.

The individual you’re meeting will most likely give you their name and some details about their position, which will lead to small talk.

Ask Open-ended Questions

When you’re at a public event and can talk about the other person’s story, this method works well. Consider the following scenario:

For example I’ve never been to such an amazing workshop before. How do you feel?

Most of the time, the other participant will answer with their thoughts or anecdotes about previous conferences they’ve attended, providing you with more discussion content.

Stay Up-to-date on Current Events

Current events are a great conversation topic. If you and the stranger have opposing viewpoints, it’s best to allude to non-political events. Consider asking about a local festival or a new book or film just released. Here’s an illustration:

Consider the following scenario: Have you heard that the annual Holiday Festival will begin next week? Walking around and looking at the decorations is always a pleasure for me.

Offer to Help

Offering to assist a stranger struggling with a task is a terrific approach to strike up a discussion. You could use an example like this, depending on the location and context of the interaction:

Consider the following scenario: Allow me to carry that package for you! Are you a newcomer to the structure?

Share a Fascinating Fact

This method works best when you’re in a place or setting where your interesting fact is relevant. When utilized correctly, this strategy can be a great way to start a discussion with someone new. Here’s an illustration:

Did you know that, statistically, lifts are the safest mode of transportation?

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Ask for Their Opinion

To start a discussion, you must know the opinion of the other person first. If you’re out to eat or searching for pens in your office supply cupboard, this is a wonderful tactic. An example of how to apply this method is as follows:

Consider the following scenario: Which one of these highlighters is your favourite? These yellow ones are what I usually use, but the waxed ones look really cool!

Ask about Lunch Suggestions

Inquiring about a stranger’s favourite lunch spot is an efficient way to start a discussion with them. Because it can be fast talk, this is especially beneficial if you’re in a lift or waiting for a taxi or public transportation.

Consider the following scenario: In this neighbourhood, where do you like to eat? I’m used to working out of the 5th Avenue office, so I’m not familiar with this area.

The stranger will most likely tell you about their favourite restaurants and may even ask you to join them for lunchtime.

Make a Comment on a Viral Clip

Viral clips are a great way to start a conversation. In their spare time, many people watch clips or hear about them through friends or coworkers. If you employ this method, be sure the video you’re mentioning is appropriate for the workplace. Here’s an illustration:

“Did you watch the video of the infant sleeping in the ice cream bowl?” for example.

Be Straightforward

Being clear about what you’re seeking or needing is sometimes the greatest approach to start a conversation. If you’re stuck, for example, ask for directions. Make it apparent that you wish to eat lunch with somebody new. Here’s another illustration:

Consider the following scenario: Today is my first day, and I have no idea where I’ll eat lunch. Would it be all right if I joined you?

Seek Assistance

Asking for assistance is a good way to start a discussion. Based on the circumstances, you may need to seek aid from a certain person rather than anyone nearby. Consider the following scenario:

Consider the following scenario: I’ve never worked out of this building before, so I’m not sure how to use the copier. Would you be willing to assist me?

Discuss Common Interests

In some cases, it may be evident that you have something in common with a stranger. As a beginning point for the conversation, use the sign you see:

Consider the following scenario: I see you’re a fan of our local basketball team as well. Last week, I went to a game! Have you attended any sporting events this year?


Talking to a stranger is one of the most common problems faced by people. First and foremost, they are terrified of saying something inappropriate. Second, they are terrified of not knowing what to say once they have received a response. This is why some people prefer to keep quiet. While some people believe that being silent is a better option, this is a bigger disaster than speaking up. It also serves as a deterrent to learning the language.

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