English Speaking Apps are apps that are aimed to help users improve their English speaking skills. The user can access various resources on the go by downloading these apps to their mobile phone or tablet. When a person has the app, he or she can access the materials and practise speaking from any location and at any time. The resources accessible on these apps are usually adjusted according to the user’s ability and requirements. There are a variety of techniques to improve your speaking abilities, and using applications is one of them. Let’s get on to the main topic of the best online English speaking course app.

Online English Speaking Course App

Let’s start the list so that you can pick the English speaking app for you.

The Fluent Life App

Looking for the best app for English speaking? The Fluent Life App is number one on our list.  An app focused on arming you with excellent communication skills so that you may always put your best foot forward and exhibit your best self.

Chat to your very own digital friend-circle, who will be with you forever and will enhance your day with grammar, contextualize vocabulary, and enhance your linguistic competence with the juiciest facts and morsels, and you will be spared of the dread of failure.

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The Embibe – Learning Outcomes App

The Embibe app was created specifically with each end-learning user’s ability in mind. As a result, it provides you with customised learning content. The Embibe Learning Outcomes App is one of the top learning apps because of its one-of-a-kind, user-centred features.

It lets you define goals, assigns you a personal coach, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to evaluate your learning needs, and gives you AI-analyzed comments. As a further step, the Embibe app detects a learning gap and provides practise sessions to help you achieve your goal.

ELSA Speak: Online English Learning & Practice App

The first thing that springs to mind when people think of English-speaking abilities is the accent. This software allows users to improve their skills by playing games that focus on pronunciation, language structures, rhythm, and intonation.

The programme compares the user’s speech to that of native speakers and gives immediate feedback and suggestions for improvement. The Comprehensive Feedback Feature, as well as the corrective measure films that follow the speech, allow the user to focus on difficult sounds and enhance his or her language and speaking skills.

Learn English – Listening And Speaking App

This app is for you if you are a quick learner who wishes to speak English efficiently and decisively. Starting with welcomes, introductions, and brief chats, This English speaking software includes 750 audio lessons from native English speakers on ordinary or everyday talks.

Through engaging learning methods, users can learn a variety of topics ranging from greetings, introductions, casual talk, and business dialogues. Learners can also put what they’ve learned into practise by playing interactive games.

However, through interesting stories and news stories, the English speaking course app focuses on improving listening and vocabulary abilities.

Hello English App by CultureAlley

With this app, you can speak English with ease. This app is one of the greatest English learning educational software available on Google Play. Do you want to be confident in your interview, amaze your friends, or ace your English proficiency test? With 475 free active learning, games, practise videos, and e-books, this comes to your rescue.

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Duolingo: Learn English Free

The Duolingo programme has revolutionised the way people learn English. The short lessons feel more like fun than a lesson. Speaking, listening, reading, vocabulary, and pronunciation are all improved with this software.

Start with simple phrases and work your way up to sentences. Daily, the app lets the user learn new vocabulary. It is a user-friendly tool because of its bite-size courses and progress tracking approaches.

Cake: Learn English for Free

Do you want to boost your English language skills? You’ve come to the right place. The CAKE app gives you the opportunity to speak with native speakers for free. The Cake software gives a solution for you if you wish to sound like a native speaker.

All you must do is tape your voice using an application tool, and the app will tell you where you rank using AI voice recognition. You can adjust your pronunciation in this manner, and you’ll soon sound like a native English speaker.

Speak English Fluently

This programme will assist you in improving your conversation and listening abilities. The audios in this programme include an American accent, making it easier for you to improve your fluency. It has online and offline audio modes, making it convenient for consumers to use both online and offline.

The app includes a list of the most regularly used expressions, words, and phrases that can be utilised in daily interactions. The English learning app’s’ record your voice’ feature allows the user to record his or her speech and compare it to the original text.


Even if you don’t comprehend everything, you may improve your ear by listening to English spoken at a consistent speed. Also, exercise listening without seeing stories written down, and don’t be scared to listen to things more than time to catch any uncommon or fascinating phrases.

It’s easy to find free podcasts available on the internet, and most news organisations in English-speaking countries offer free audio and video news.

Even if you don’t live in an English-speaking country, you are almost certainly surrounded by foreigners. Meeting native speakers can be accomplished by going to foreign bars and restaurants, engaging in sports and social clubs, or organising language swaps.

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