Have you ever heard of a chatterbug?

It’s someone who can talk and talk.

Maybe you’re a chatty person in your native tongue, but when you speak English, every word comes out of your mouth.

Or maybe you’re just a shy person who wishes she could have a conversation whenever she wants!

One of the most difficult aspects for language learners to master is English speaking.

For many, the issue is a lack of native English chatterbugs with whom to practise.

That is, however, no longer an issue.

You can improve your pronunciation and conversation skills no matter where you live if you have a smartphone and a good speaking practise app.

Best App to Practice English Speaking

Applications are a fantastic way to learn English. They’re quick, simple to use, and entertaining. It’s almost as if you have a mini classroom on your phone, ready to use whenever you’re bored or have some spare time. And, while apps can’t replace a real-life teacher, they can be useful additions to regular classes.

Many of them have games for learning grammar, vocabulary, storybooks, and audios. So, what are you stopping for if you haven’t already downloaded one? Here are some of our favourite learning apps!

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Duolingo: English Speaking Practice App

We’re sure you’ve heard of the most popular language app in the world! But did you know that 34 hours of Duolingo is equivalent to one semester of language classes at a university?

The leaderboard challenge, in which you compete against other real players, is one of the reasons it’s so popular. It feels like a game, with levels to unlock and virtual coins to win, but you’re also learning new vocabulary and grammatical structures. It’s never been more enjoyable – or addictive – to learn the language.

Quiz your English: English Speaking App

Quiz your English will become your new favourite app if you’re studying for an exam. Cambridge Assessment English created it, and there are levels tailored to the Cambridge B2 First and IELTS exams.

You can expect to see the same vocabulary and grammar as in the real thing, and if you’re preparing for a Cambridge exam, playing on the app might provide some light relief after all that hard work. You can even play against your friends and family!

The British Council: App for English Speaking

This is a fantastic app for learning grammar. Games and lessons on a variety of topics are ready in the Learn English British Council app. There’s something for everyone, from beginner level Gerunds, Simple Present and Imperatives, Questions To advanced assignments on Modal Verbs of Obligation and Necessity. When you’re done, click ‘test’ to see how far you’ve progressed and how much you’ve improved.

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6,000 Words: English Learning App

When it comes to expanding your vocabulary, the simplest approach is often the most effective! FunEasyLearn has created a fun app that uses text and pictures to help you learn new words.

The app contains over 6000 lexical items that are organised into themes. They cover obvious topics like sports and food, but the sub-topics are as specific as rocks, dentistry, hockey, and internal organs, resulting in advanced vocabulary.

Beelingu: English Speaking Practice App

This story-telling app is great for reading practise. It was cleverly designed to tell a storey in two languages at the same time. You read first, then check in your native tongue.

You can listen and read along at the same time with the karaoke-style text. There’s a wide range of content to choose from, from children’s classics and popular tales to science and technology articles. Reading in the language has just gotten a whole lot more interesting!

HelloTalk: Speaking App

You don’t have a good speaking partner? It’s no problem! HelloTalk is a free app that allows you to communicate with over 15 million people. That means you’ll almost certainly find a native speaker to tutor you.

Are you a person who is too shy to make a video call? Then, this app is for you. They provide an option for text and video recording options, which can also help you translate and learn pronunciation while speaking. Not to be worried, if you only know your native language, a translation tool helps you learn and grow.

Grammarly: Learning Application

There are numerous apps available that can assist you in improving your writing skills. And some, such as HelloTalk, will even put you in touch with a native speaker. Grammarly, on the other hand, is your best bet if you need immediate corrections. It not only checks for errors, but it also explains what went wrong so you don’t make the same mistake again.

Install the keyboard on your phone and use it to double-check your spelling wherever you go. Do you want to look more formal? Grammarly also checks your tone, ensuring that you never send an unprofessional email again!

BBC Learning English: Speaking Practice App

BBC Learning English has a reputation for being a little strange, and their learning app is no exception! The mini daily lesson, which takes only 3 minutes to watch, is our favourite feature of this app. Learn new vocabulary, listen to news stories, and put your English skills to the test.

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English Speaking Course

Fluent Life courses are one-of-a-kind communication training programmes led by a personal trainer that will help you reach your full potential in your social, professional, and personal lives.

Master in Business Communication

Increase your professional fluency to new heights. This programme focuses on the communication skills and techniques required for advancement in the workplace.

Fluency Course

This one-on-one instructing programme led by a private teacher helps you gain confidence and fluency by improving the fundamental aspects of the language.

Interview Readiness Program

For those who want to ace difficult interviews, this is the most comprehensive and rigorous conditioning programme available.

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Advanced Email Communication Program

At work, emails have taken on a new personality. They are the first thing people notice about you and they speak volumes about your work. This programme will teach you proper email etiquette and how to write professional emails.

Advanced Presentation Master

This programme is for people who want to improve their presenting skills and their corporate and personal brand, as well as their success rate and confidence levels.


Everyone speaks English for a variety of reasons. Fluent Life is the best choice for you if you’re looking for the best English speaking apps that will get you talking in no time! With just one click, you can practise anytime, anywhere with online partners. It’s also completely dependable!

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