What are connectors?  Connectors in English grammar are basically conjunctive words that are used for connecting similar elements present in a sentence. There are different connectors in English that can be used for expressing your thoughts in a better way. Smart use of linkers can omit the requirement of single sentences and help in connecting the sentence in a more logical way.

In this article, you will not only know the various kinds of sentence connectors but will also get simple linker examples that will help you in understanding the meaning of connectors. So, let the journey begin.

Connectors in English Grammar

There are different types of connectors in English and each of those has a different use. So, how to use connectors? Let’s check all of those sentence connectors and the examples.

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Logical connectors to show the contrast Sentence Linkers example
But I wanted to go swimming but I am so tired.
However The film received good ratings; however, it was very long.
On the other hand/ on the one hand I was eager to join them for the vacation but on the other hand, my exam dates were getting closer.
Otherwise Remind them beforehand otherwise, they might leave without taking the tickets.
Unlike Zoey loved hot chocolate, unlike John.
Conversely Zoey may not perform up to the mark in science subjects, but conversely, he has an impeccable hold in literature.
At the same time She felt guilty and depressed at the same time.
In spite of In spite of heavy rainfall, he took out his scooter and headed towards the hospital.
Despite She kept on arguing despite her mistake.
Even though/ Although He could manage the cooking part even though that would not taste awesome.
Still/ Yet/ Nevertheless They are still present.

I have not received it yet.

What you said was right but nevertheless harsh.

Even so He had a headache but even so, he went to pick her up.
On the contrary Mother thought John was studying but on the contrary, he was sleeping.
In contrast Rehan Infotech made a profit of Rs. 5 Crore in contrast to last financial year’s loss of Rs. 10 Lakhs.
Whereas All of her daughters are engineers whereas the younger one chose to be a teacher.

Cause & Effect Connector Words

These kinds of sentence connectors are used for explaining the reasons behind something.

Cause & effect sentence connector words Example of linkers in English grammar
Therefore I slept very late last night, therefore, I missed the morning prayer.
So The blue bag was full so he kept the packet in the yellow bag.
Hence He is looking for a formal trouser because he has an important meeting tomorrow.
Due to The match got cancelled due to the heavy rain.
As a result As a result of the heavy rain, the match got cancelled.
Consequently I got stuck in the traffic consequently I missed the flight.
Since Since she loves ice cream so much, I decided to give her an ice-cream printed dress.
Seeing that Seeing that he was losing the fight, he started blaming her mother.
On account of Both the siblings were mentally unstable on account of their disturbed childhood.

Connectors of Sequence and Conclusion

Sequence, conclusion and time connectors Example of connector words in sentences
Later Later, it all got resolved.
After He also left after his wife.
Before You have to try before coming to a conclusion.
Then Once you reach the office, then make a call to the supervisor.
Next The next episode is going to be very interesting.
Soon They are soon to graduate.
Finally Finally, the war came to an end,
Second/ Secondly Secondly, you have to manage the team.
At first sight At first sight, he appeared to be very arrogant.
First First, you should go to the washroom and take a bath.
First of all First of all, they are not my family and I can not be held responsible for their immature behaviour.
In the first place In the first place, take care of the pets and then do the rest of your work.
To start with To start with, I asked her to tell us about her hobbies.
Lastly Lastly, we had our dinner and left.
And finally And finally, the day of the verdict came.
In conclusion In conclusion, it is always better to take prevention than cure.

Advanced Connectors

Advanced connectors Use of linkers in sentences
In addition/ besides The umbrella will protect you from the Sun, besides it will also come handy if rainfall starts.
On top of that And on top of that, you will also get incentives.
Furthermore He was tired and hungry furthermore he was ill.
Moreover You have to cook lunch and moreover that you also have to go to the market in the evening.
What’s more What’s more, now you have all that is required to have a wonderful vacation.


Most common connector words Linkers example
In order to In order to prove him wrong, he started shouting.
So as to You have to study hard so as to improve your career.
So that Give me your resume so that I can forward it to the right department.
In order that I want to finish my work today so that I can spend my weekend relaxing.

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Example Linkers in English Grammar

Example sentence connectors Linkers example
For example For example, take the rising graph of air pollution.
For instance I like a few vegetables, for instance, potato, cabbage etc.

Opinion English Connectors List

Different opinion connectors in English Use of linker words in sentences
To tell the truth To tell the truth, I didn’t like the show at all.
Personally The show must go on, personally I think so.
To be honest To be honest, I don’t support the idea of destroying her career.
I think that He has run away, I think.
It is true that It is true that a lot of hard work has been put in here but I really can’t see any reflection of that.
I agree I agree with her decision.
As far as I am concerned As far as I am concerned, I am done with it.
I disagree I disagree with the thought of buying a new car even when we already have two.
From my point of view The sin is terrific from my point of view.

Explanatory Linkers in English Grammar

Explanatory sentence connectors Linkers example
More or less There will be more or less 30 guests.
In general Old people, in general, like to spend time with their grandkids.
Especially It’s tough to sleep, especially after the strong coffee we drank.
In particular All women, in particular, have to be strong and determined.
Essentially An electric kettle is useful essentially for the winter months.
Basically The cake is basically full of chocolates.
In other words The problem, In other words, is that we have to re-write the whole script.
In short The outing, in short, could not lift up my mood.
Above all The idea behind the meeting is, above all, to make the employees aware of the current financial crisis faced by the company.
At least At least now when you know that we are here, you can jump in any day.

Emphasis Connector Words

English connectors list Example
Also He was told to study and also to take care of the dog.
Indeed She was sweet indeed but needed proper grooming.
Of course Sportsmen have a competitive approach while playing but of course, that should not be carried off the ground,
Certainly Certainly, she has witnessed something cruel otherwise she would not be so nervous.
Specifically He specifically looked for a diamond-studded ring.
Significantly Her health was significantly improving.
Notably Her academic career has been notably amazing.

Addition Linkers in English Grammar

Sentence connectors Linker words example
As well as The sound, as well as the picture quality, is amazing.
Further I introduced him to the other members and that’s it, I had no further conversation.
and then John came from swimming and then left for basketball coaching.
And He and other members went to the party.
Too He too misbehaved with the maid.
In addition to In addition to the notes, the teacher also suggested some reference books for the preparation.
Not only – but also We are not only harming the environment but also becoming inhuman day by day.
Or We can go to the movies or to the park.


English comparison connectors list English connectors example
As …as He is as good as his sister.
Equally Both of them are equally talented.
As if It seems as if they have cried a lot.
Similarly We have chosen our group members, similarly, you can do that too.
Comparable Today’s weather is comparable with that of Darjeeling.
Like He was determined to get a high-rank job like his cousin.
In like manner All responded in a like manner.
In the same way Now do the rest of the drawing in the same way as I did.
Despite this She kept on going despite this injury on her left feet.
Alternatively You can go to that Italian restaurant or alternatively you can even choose the Mexican food counter on the opposite side of the road.
By the way By the way, here is my card.
Unless I won’t pay you unless you drop me to the right stoppage.

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Illustration Connectors in English Grammar

Where linkers are used? Check out the table below with examples

Connector words Example
Such as There are many famous railway stations in the state of West Bengal such as Howrah, Sealdah, Ghum etc.
In this case In this case, emotion will matter more than logic.
For one thing He dedicated his entire youth for one thing only.
Illustrated by The entire story was illustrated by Mr Sameer in a very clear manner.

Clause Connectors

Clause connectors are connector words used for connecting or joining clauses to create a grammatical and logical sentence.

There are three groups under clause connectors:

# Subordinator/ subordinating conjunction

# Coordinating conjunction

# Sentence connector

Subordinator/ Subordinating Conjunction

# After

# Before

# Since

# Until

# When

# While

# Because

# Since

# To make a contrast

# Even though

# Though

# Whereas

Coordinating Conjunction

# And

# But

# Yet

# Or

# Nor

# For

# And so

Sentence Connector

# Furthermore

# In addition

# Besides

# Moreover

# However

# Nevertheless

# Otherwise

# Consequently

# And therefore

Importance of Connectors in English Grammar

Connectors are important because they make any phrase more logical and understandable. As a result, any transcriptionist who is transcribing audio files or other taped materials should constantly be conscious of the use of conjunctions. Consider the existence of the coordinating conjunction to denote reason in the following sentence: “I walked to the office because my car was being repaired.”

While it may be tempting to add or change terms to make a phrase appear more genuine and proper, transcriptionists must resist the temptation since some contractors are passionate about the language they record or use. What a transcriptionist can do is transmit the proposals that the contractors have in mind. Respect is noticed and rapport is developed in this manner.


Connectors play an important role in English grammar as these help in forming sentences logically. There are different kinds of complex sentence connectors or phrase connectors but each of those has different usage.

Hopefully, this article will help you in identifying the different connectors in English and will also make you understand the uses.

So now that you have got all the required information on connector words, how are you planning to use these? Do share your thoughts with us by commenting in the box below. Check out The Fluent Life to learn English within a month. Click on the link.

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