Learning any language is tough, especially if you try to learn at an adult age. After a certain age, people tend to become more comfortable in their mother tongue and the other languages that he/ she might have learnt in childhood.

Even if someone learns the basics of any language, it becomes very difficult for them to speak fluently in that language. English is one of those languages, in which many people have the basic knowledge about grammar but fumbles when it comes to talking fluently.

The most common reason found behind people’s inability to talk fluently is because of lack of practice. So let’s find out how to practice English speaking?

How to Learn English Speaking?

No matter how much writing you practice, if you don’t practice talking, it will never become easy for you. To learn English speaking, it is important that you get hold of the basic grammar and then start practice talking in the newly learned language.

English Speaking Practice Exercises

To be an excellent speaker in the foreign language, it is important that your confidence level gets boosted and that can only happen when you communicate more and more in the specific language.

Let’s check out some amazing methods for English speaking practice online.

Watch Online Videos to Learn English Speaking

People tend to grasp things better when they see someone else doing that in front of them. The same goes for learning English speaking too. To begin the fluent talking journey, try watching videos where the host is a native speaker.

Initially, start with videos where the host speaks alone, looking at the camera as if he/ she is talking to you.

See how they speak and observe their pronunciation as well. Watch the video and pause it after the speaker completes one sentence or two. Then imitate the sentence. See if you can fluently speak it. Continue doing this for the entire video.

Once you get a hold of this thing, start watching videos where more than one person is speaking and follow the same procedure of imitating them.

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Listen and Explain

After you get seasoned with watching the video and imitating the speaker, move on to explaining things in your own words.

Turn on a video of any native speaker, listen to what he/ she is saying. Understand the whole meaning of whatever that person says. Now comprehend the same thing in your own words and speak those.

For better English speaking practice, you can try vocalizing your own comprehended speech while standing in front of a mirror. You can also record your speech and listen later.

Online Chat

There are many online chat forums available. You can create an account there and start chatting with random people. Even though the chat is via writing only, you will start making sentences in the specific language in your mind and this will help you learn English speaking.

You can also read out the sentences the opposite person is writing to you and then while replying back, tell your answer verbally and then type.

Online English Speaking Course

All the above mentioned English speaking practice exercises are self-training types, where you can learn English speaking and get the confidence to talk to other people in the foreign language. But, in those methods, you won’t get any guidance even if you speak wrong.

This situation will never arise if you can start English speaking practice under an expert. It’s even better if you can get a personal mentor who can guide you as well as become your partner for English speaking practice.

To learn the language correctly, you should consider getting enrolled in an online English speaking course in India.


Learning fluent talking is tough but not impossible if you follow the above mentioned English speaking practice exercises.

Do try the methods and let us know how you are improving by commenting in the comment section below.

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