Every student must have faced this situation once in their life and still face. Having a conversation with your teacher/mentor is scary. They are the once, you should surely approach and clear your doubts. If you are scared or feel awkward to do so. Here is an example of a conversation about how you should talk to your mentor. There is also an alternative conversation and what you do not have to say.

Fluent Life- Conversation between teacher-student

Fluent Life- Conversation between teacher-student

Read the conversation carefully.

[Seema Mam tries to solve problem of her student Pooja.]  
Pooja: Good afternoon Mam.
(Don’t say: Hi, Mam.)
Seema: Good afternoon Pooja. Tell me.
(An alternative: Good afternoon Pooja. What happens?)
Pooja: Mam, I have read the whole chapter.
(Don’t say: I read the chapter)
Seema: So, did you understand the concept?
(An alternative: Are you clear with your concepts?)
Pooja: Partially Mam! I get stuck in the middle of the maths problems.
(Do not say: Yeah Mam!)
Seema: It is because your basics are not clear.
(Do not say: your basics aren’t clear)
Pooja: Mam, I was absent for the lecture.
(Do not say: I was absent for that lecture.)
Seema: That is why you are not able to solve the problem.
(Do not say: That’s why you aren’t able to solve)
Seema: Make a list of all the problems you cannot solve.
(Do not say: you can’t solve)
Pooja: Okay Mam.
Seema: We will solve them one by one so that all your doubts are clear before exams.
(An alternative: Let’s try solving it one by one for that you need to note down all your doubts.)
Pooja: Okay Mam. Thank you.

Test your Comprehension.

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If you were Pooja, what would you do?

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