Communication is the process of the exchange of ideas and thoughts between two or more people. It is the fundamental key for the survival of humans as well as organizations. It can be referred to as the exchange of information, views, notions, thoughts, feelings, facts, etc. It is carried out every time to reach a common understanding and a particular goal.

It is the major key for management and success between two organizations and people. What is communication? Why is it important? Although we carry out the process of communication every day to conclude everyone doesn’t understand the urge and importance of communication.

Well, this article has every aspect of sharing ideas and information and types of communication. If you want to grow your knowledge for this process and if you want to enhance the skills of communication to get better opportunities in life, you need to read this article till the end.

This article also has business communication meaning and importance. So, keys dive into the article to get the details.

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What is Business Communication?

Business communication refers to the exchange of ideas, information, thoughts, and facts inside and outside the business environment. This term is derived from the general conversation definition from a business perspective. The communication with business motive, tasks, and parties is the business communication. Many scholars have given different definitions to explain this concept.

Along with all the elements of the process, feedback is crucial in it. This process includes planning, coordinating, organizing, directing, and controlling to reach a goal. The business has to carry out the process to upgrade its levels and meet its requirements. The business goals are achieved through this process. Business communication is of 4 types.

#. Internal Business Communication

#. Internal (upward) communication

#. Internal (download) communication

#. Horizontal/Lateral Business Communication

Types of Communication

Communication is the fundamental need to reach out to a target. It is a continuous process that mainly involves three elements: sender, receiver, and message. The sender is the one who sends the message. The receiver is the person or organization receiving the message sent by the sender and the message is the thought,  idea, or information sent by the sender.

Encoding is the process that encodes the message sent by the sender in a different form to become understandable to the recipient. Media or channel is the way through which the message is sent. Feedback is the response of the receiver. It shows that the receiver has acknowledged and understood the message.

ways of sharing thoughts and information include informal, formal, interpersonal, intrapersonal, verbal, non-verbal, and many more. All these types of communication are done at different levels according to the requirements.

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Business Communication MCQ

#1. The most important goal of business communication is_____________.

#a. favorable relationship between sender and receiver

#b. organizational goodwill

#c. receiver response

#d. receiver understanding

Answer: d

#2. Downward communication flows from _____________ to ____________.

#a. Upper to lower

#b. Lower to upper

#c. Horizontal

#d. Diagonal

Answer: a.

#3. Horizontal comminication takes place between____________

#a. superior to subordinate

#b. subordinate to superior

#c. employees with the same status

#d. none of these

Answer: c

#4. Appeals and representations are used in _____________________communication.

#a. Horizontal

#b. Downward

#c. Upward

#d. Grapevine

Answer: c

#5. The study of communication through touch is____________

#a. chronemics

#b. haptics

#c. proxemics

#d. semantics

Answer: b

#6. The formal greeting with which a business letter begins is called__________

#a. reference

#b. subject

#c. salutation

#d. body copy

Answer: c

#7. The following is/are non-verbal communication ________

#a. Facial expression

#b. Appearance

#c. Posture

#d. All of the above

Answer: d

#8. Communication is the task of imparting_________

#a. training

#b. information

#c. knowledge

#d. message

Answer: b

#9. The following is the permanent records for business_________

#a. Business letters

#b. Ledgers

#c. Production reports

#d. All of the above

Answer: Option A

#10. When working to create and maintain a favorable relationship with a receiver, a sender should___________.

#a. do just what the receiver expects

#b. impress the receiver by using technical terms

#c. stress mutual interests and benefits

#d. use positive wording

Answer: d

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Importance of Communication in Business

Communication is extremely important in a personal as well as professional environment. It is the basis of coordination between people and organizations. The business environment needs a great level of understanding between their employees which is carried out by effective communication. It also gives knowledge and confidence to the employees for decision-making. It enables fluent and smooth working in the business area.

Business communication increases managerial efficiency and increases cooperation and organizational peace. It also improves the relation of the company with its customers along with boosting the morale of the employees. Business exchange of information is crucial to maintain great coordination and relations with the other companies.

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