Ever heard about the term effortless learning? It is when you’re learning something without the intention to do so. For example, if you want to learn English, every time you watch an English movie or every time when you read a book before going to bed is effortless learning. In fact right now, when you’re checking out blogs on English, you are learning English. It is a common thing to get distracted while you’re learning something and then suddenly switch to checking out your notifications on Instagram and Facebook or watching a YouTube video. Well, how about making use of these mediums to actually learn English. Here are 5 YouTube or Facebook channels that you can follow to improve your language skills. 

1.Nas Daily– Nusseir Yasin or Nas Daily had a 1000-day challenge wherein he made 1 video every day for 1000 continuous days. He has travelled across the globe and spoken about his experiences and perspectives. And the best part? These videos are just 1-minute videos. He uses simple language and talks a lot about socio-cultural issues of many places and gives great perspectives to ponder upon. 

2.Geography Now– These YouTube channels come under the category of infotainment wherein they give information in an entertaining way. Geography now makes concepts of Geography very interesting and will also improve your knowledge about concepts and language.

3.Vitamin Stree– This is an Indian channel which talks a lot about social issues that affect men and women. They also use stop-motion animation which makes the videos all the more interesting. 

4.Anupama Chopra– Anumapa Chopra is a movie reviewer and critic and as other infamously known as the ‘female version of Sashi Tharoor’. You may or may not agree with her movie reviews but you must check out her videos to learn new phrases and great sentence structures. 

5.Urban Fight– Taskeen Fatima or as her YouTube channel is popularly known as- The Urban Fight is an Indian YouTuber wherein she talks about several topics and gives many recommendations. She gives her opinions, recommendations and perspectives about English, Communication, Stock Market and Politics for beginners etc. 

Several studies and our own experiences have proved that audio-visual mediums are more beneficial when it comes to learning something. When you read a book you just imagine the words and try to make sense of it but when you study from YouTube or other online tutorials then you exactly understand the pronunciation, sentence structure and concepts in audio-visual format.