• Comic books– Remember in school we always looked forward to reading books or pages that had pictures on them because pictures made the boring texts interesting. If you find books boring, then pick up the books that have a lot of pictures in them aka Comic Books! Start with the basics like the Tinkle book which is sure to get you hooked in the characters like Supandi and Chacha Chaudhary. In spite of being filled with pictures, comic books are sure to soar up our imaginations and be informative and entertatining at the same time. 
  • Mystery novels– After comics, you would now love to progress with novels but not commit too much to them. Go ahead and pick up a small book of a mystery novel. Don’t pick up a big book with many pages if you’re a beginner as you first need to commit yourself to smaller tasks and then eventually aim more with reading bigger books. For the mystery genre, the best small books are Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys and the Goosebumps series. These books use simple English language and are really intriguing at the same time. 

  • Romance Novels– Let’s accept it, everyone in their life has someone or is always looking out for their perfect partner. Romance novels are a great gateway for these as you’re sure to find your perfect fictional character between these pages. Twilight series, John Green and Nicholas Sparks are the best options for beginners. If you’ll still have a doubt about Twilight, remember-Don’t judge a book by its movie. 
  • Biographies– Biographies do seem intimidating at times as you’re just reading about achievements and some more achievements of just one person. However, if it is written by a great writer, you’re sure to find your daily dose of inspiration and at the same time learn English. What better way, right? For this genre, I would recommend How To Be A Bawse by Lilly Singh, Born A Crime by Trevor Noah and Elon Musk. These biographies are witty and an easy read. 
  • Random Fiction– There are several random books which are an easy-breezy read and can go a long way to improve your grammar and vocabulary. The best ones include the entire Harry Potter series, Dan Brown books, The Kite Runner and Sudha Murty books. The last two books will not only help you to improve your language skills but will also give you many much-needed perspectives in life. 

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t leave any stone unturned in your English language preparations. Learn from tutorials, practice and read some more! With one to one mentoring in Fluent Life, you can even get pronunciation right from the mentor.