The bar for determining a candidate’s English proficiency is extremely high. When a candidate considers taking the test, he should first assess his level of English language proficiency. A candidate should first consult with the authority to determine whether he should take the Academic Test or the General Training Test.

The best option for the candidate would be suggested based on his needs and qualifications. The IELTS speaking test patterns are well-designed and cater to a wide range of needs.

Well, let’s discuss some clauses of those who don’t want to migrate, but want to get into a spoken English course and those who want to write IELTS.

I Don’t Want to Migrate, so What is the Preferable Spoken English or IELTS Course?

Now comes the discussion of ‘Improving Spoken English,’ so we’ll focus solely on that. Let’s go over each step one by one.

First and foremost, we must agree that in order to learn something thoroughly, one must have a strong desire to learn it. No matter how hard you practise, if you don’t have passion for it, it won’t help you much. Your passion will propel you forward; be passionate, love the language, and learn in the proper manner, and you will learn quickly and perfectly.

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Points to Remember Part One

#If you want to learn quickly, you must put in more effort. Learn in a systematic and scientific manner. Be patient; learning does not happen overnight and one needs to work hard for it.

#When you’re learning ‘Spoken English,’ start speaking and thinking in the language right away.

#Is it possible to think in English? Isn’t it strange? However, it is a requirement for students. Learners from non-English speaking countries essentially think in their native language before translating into English. It’s the wrong way to think; you must think in English.

Points to Remember Part Two

#Make a concerted effort to overcome your mother tongue restrictions. It is one of the most serious issues facing ‘Non-Native English Speakers.’ Read something aloud, record it with any device, then listen to the recorded version to see if there are any differences and try to correct them by repeating the process.

#Listen to and watch ‘Talk Shows,’  ‘English News,’ and ‘Debates’ on television, and if possible, listen to English News on any international news channels.

#What does it mean to “watch English”? Watch the ‘English News reader’s lip movements and try to imitate them to perfect your pronunciation. You won’t have to be a copycat; just follow the accent rather than the diction.

Points to Remember Part Three

#Because your goal is to “become a fluent speaker”, use the Internet to find study materials, download them, and carefully read all of the information on the study mats.

#When learning the language, be methodical. Don’t try to figure it out on your own; instead, take it one step at a time, following the study materials.

#If you have a problem with your grammatical knowledge, you must improve it.

#Have big dreams but don’t daydream. With a few exceptions, dreamers are usually found to be higher achievers.

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Points to Remember Part Four

#Make a lot of noise. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with someone who speaks the language.

#Whenever you come across a new word, consult a dictionary, write it down, and observe how it is used. You won’t need to become a “living” dictionary, but you will need to expand and improve your vocabulary.

#When speaking in the language, use new words or synonyms correctly.

#Be careful with your sentence construction.’ To correct your flaws, seek the advice of an expert.

Points to Remember Part Five

#Amend yourself by comparing the pronunciation of native speakers in sample audios created for the ‘IELTS Speaking Tests.’

#If possible, seek the assistance of a ‘English Speaking Teacher,’ who is well-known for teaching IELTS students.

#Learn with a goal in mind. Listening to the language from reliable sources will not only help you understand the language better, but it will also help you improve your spoken English.

#Stand in front of the mirror and speak loudly enough that you can hear yourself. Keep an eye on your lip movement; does it appear to be awkward? If that’s the case, fix it yourself. Nobody else can be a better judge than you.

Spoken English Courses

Fluent Life is India’s only online platform that helps you improve your fluency through personalised courses tailored to each individual’s needs, such as interview preparation, resume writing, and career advancement.

Fluent life provides personal training from tutors who will assist the student in quickly gaining confidence in the language.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom who wants to learn the language as a second language or advance your career, or you’re dealing with any of the other issues listed above, Fluent Life’s fluency courses are the answer. Here’s why you’d want it:

English Fluency Course

Here is what the course curriculum provides you:


#Language Accuracy

#Social Communication

#Active Reading

#Concise Writing

#Applied Grammar

#Listening Comprehension

#Shark Tank

#Group Discussion

#Expert Mentor

#Idea Presentations

#Panel Interviews

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What Does FluentLife Provide?

There may be people who understand English, but becoming fluent is a long shot. Whether your goal is to improve your English fluency for more efficient communication at work or something as simple as understanding social media, fluency in English is essential.

Because English is used in half of the content on the internet and in the media, it should not be a barrier between you and the wealth of information available.

There may be times when you have a game-changing idea during a meeting at work, but you choose not to speak up because you are unsure of your fluency. You should keep your language insecurities at bay if you want to advance in your career. Language has the power to enhance or detract from your communication and opportunities.

Goal and Vision of FluentLife

Even people from cities, small towns, and remote areas, according to Fluent Life, should be able to improve their fluency if they already know the language. As a result, what better way to make the platform available to everyone than to make it available online?

A self-paced online learning experience ensures that it does not interfere with your work or studies. Fluent Life’s tutors and curators place a strong emphasis on grammar and communication, ensuring that you master both written and spoken English.

The tutor will tailor the content, lectures, and study materials to your specific needs and objectives. An online tutor can even act as a learning companion, reviewing your progress on a regular basis.

IELTS Course

IELTS Ninja has always inspired the practice of online testing and teaching to give you a benefit in your preparations. Computer-based tests are an important part of IELTS Ninja preparation and one should have the right strategy for them. Mock tests, one-on-one mentoring, personalised study plans tailored to each student, and question-and-answer sessions ensure that you pass the exam with the desired band.

The mock tests will enable you to get a feel for how the ultimate online test will be administered. You’ll have plenty of practise managing your time and stress.

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Using Online Tools to Improve English

It can be difficult to improve your language skills at first, and it takes time to get used to. With continuous practise and openness to feedback, a learner can improve them and incorporate new techniques to learn the language by becoming effective in it, whether it’s reading, writing, or speaking.

IELTS Ninja Courses

IELTS Ninja is dedicated to delivering you with the best online tutoring knowledge possible. As a result, their methods are unique and meticulously planned. They recognise how valuable your time is, which is why they ensure that not a single second of it is wasted.


This is a classroom programme in which you will learn strategies as well as grammatical and syntactical concepts. These are video lectures in which you can learn new information.


They make sure you don’t waste time with your personal trainer by teaching you things that can be learned in a classroom setting using instructional videos.

The Interactional section is where you talk to your mentor about your questions, get feedback on your practises, and basically put what you’ve learned from the instructional videos into practise.

This is where you draw on your trainer’s expertise and knowledge to delve deeper into the subject and correct any errors or flaws.

Assignments and Revision

They believe that how well you practise is an important part of your improvement. That’s why they designed their practise sessions to be cyclic, so you’re always getting better. If you enrol in a one-month programme, for example, this cycle will repeat 30 times. So, even if you start with a Band 6.5/7, you will eventually advance to Band 8/8.5.


That concludes today’s article on how IELTS Ninja can assist you in your IELTS preparation. You must be both hardworking and smart in order to achieve your dream band score. Give each of the four categories of the exam balanced weight and time. Additionally, select the suitable study materials and guidance for you.

Want to advance your career? Want to improve your vocabulary? Want to communicate effectively with your boss and coworkers? Then, Fluent Life is the answer for you, because it provides a connection to solve your confusion and provide you with clarity. Join now, so that you can enrich your communication effectively.

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