Do you want to improve your English? Well, then you need to work on your vocabulary. Here are some 50 vocabulary words with meaning and sentences to help you to learn some basic vocabulary words.

In this article, you will find daily vocabulary words and vocabulary word meaning. Let’s get started.

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English Vocabulary Words


#1. Accentuate

To make something more prominent or noticeable.

# His blue eyes were assigned to it by the deep tan.

# The white colour accentuated the lacework done in the dress.

# The embroidered dress accentuated her look in the function.

# The side bangs accentuated her face shape.

# The weight loss accentuated his jawlines.

#2. Accessible

#i. (things) able to access or use

#ii. (person) friendly or easy to talk

# The kitchen shelf was accessible to the short-height person.

# The hospital fees were accessible for the middle class.

# He was more accessible than other teachers.

# Radhika was accessible to her students.

#3. Accredited

Officially recognized

# These online courses are fully accredited by the University.

# The officers accredited his role in the success of their plan.

#4. Amenable

willing to corporate or be influence

# The line manager was amenable and hence everything was smooth.

# The director was amenable, therefore their employees didn’t face any trouble.

#5. Analogy

Comparison between two things with similar traits or features.

# The professor drew an analogy between the human heart and the pump.

# The doctor through an analogy between the almonds and eyes to help their patients understand the importance of it.

#6. Apparent

Seen or understood.

# The reason for her smile was not apparent.

# Rohan’s resignations were quite apparent

#7. Apt

Suitable for a particular situation.

# The theme was quite apt according to the current scenario.

# Government policy was apt according to the demanding situation.

#8. Assert

To state formally something true.

# She asserts her innocence in the police station.

# Ramesh firmly asserted the existence of unicorns.

#9. Assiduous

Presenting something with great care

# The designer was assiduous about the detail of the dress.

# Ramesh was assiduous in pointing out every feature of the project.

#10. Astute

Good at making judgments

# He earned profits from the stock market as he was quite astute at speculation.

#11. Authoritative

#i. Reliable or dependable

#ii. Commanding.

# He appeared to the authorities, therefore the commanders relied on him.

# The lieutenant voice was authoritative and nobody denied his command.


#12. Benchmark

Standard a point of reference from which other things can be compared.

# He set the benchmarks for others to follow.

# Her scores were set as a benchmark for others.

#13. Buoyant

increase or reach the highest point.

Usage: Market, Economy, Trading, Sales, and Demand.

# The Sale of hand wash was buoyant even in the post-covid period.


#14. Certain

#i.  That will happen for sure.

#ii. Show that you are correct

#iii. Used to refer to something or someone unknown

# The weather forecast was sure that the rain will happen today.

# Seema was certain that he was the thief.

# There was a certain man in the mall that looked suspicious.

#15. Coherent

#i. Logical, well organized and consistent, clear and easy to understand.

The word coherent is used especially to describe plants and organizations. Specially approach framework, pattern, plan, policy, scheme, system, and theory.

#ii. (person) Able to talk or express themselves clearly.

# They have yet to come up with a coherent plan.

# She was coherent about her idea.

#16. Cogent

Express family and clearly that others get influenced.

# His idea is cogent as it was before.

#17. Concise

Giving only that information that is necessary.

# This book is concise for the preparation of UPSC.

#18. Conducive

Making a certain situation likely or possible

# The environment of the organization was conducive to growth.

#19. Connotation

An idea suggested by a word in addition to its literal meaning.

# The word professional has connotations of skills and excellence.

#20. Critique

#i. (noun) Detailed analysis or assessment of something.

#ii. (verb) To access and analyze a theory in detail.

# The researchers were critiques of Plato’s theory of the state.

# The authors love the critiques as it helps them to improve.


#21. Dignity

The sense of your importance, and value

# Everyone should maintain their dignity.

#22. Diligent

Working hard and showing care for your duties.

# He was a diligent person towards his responsibility.


#23. Expound

#i. To present the theory in detail

#ii. To explain the meaning of literary work.

# The students expounded a detailed critique of the government point.

# The teacher expounded on the meaning of the scriptures.


#24. Feasible

Practical or easy to be done.

# it is possible to live in the hilly region.

#25. Farsight

Showing awareness of future possibilities.

# He was a farsighted person.

#26. Finesse

Impressive delicacy and skill.

# His acting skills displayed dignity and finesse.

#27. Foresee

To think about something that is going to happen in the future.

# No one knows how to foresee what will happen in the future.

#28. Formative

Having an important influence on the development of something.

# The parents are responsible for the growth of the child during the formative years of their childhood.

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#29. Generic

Characteristics of a class or group of things.

# Citric fruit is the generic name of lemon, orange, and lime.

#30. Germane

Relevant to a subject under consideration.

# This is not germane to our theme.


#31. Incisive

Showing clear thought, a good understanding of what is important, and the ability to express this.

# She is an incisive critique of the current government policy.

#32. Incontrovertible

Not able to deny or disputed

# He presented incontrovertible evidence.

#33. Inherent

Existing in something permanent, essential, or characteristic quality.

# Any kind of sports activity has its inherent dangers.

#34. Interactive

Influencing each other.

# They had an interactive conversation today.


#35. Methodical

Done things carefully or logically.

# He was methodical about the recipe.

#36. Mellow

#i. Pleasantly smooth or soft.

#ii. Softened and matured by age.

#iii. Relaxed and good humor.

# well matured and smooth.

# When she sang everyone was hypnotized by the mellow tune for her voice.

# Every chef would recommend slow cooking as it gives a mellow flavour.

# He had a mellow personality.

# The wine was delicious and mellow.


#37. Opportune

#i. At a particular action or event occurs.

#ii. Done on occurring at a favourable or useful time.

# This job offer was an opportune moment that he could not resist.

# His entrance was a fortune to the tense environment of the room.

#38. Observant

Quick to notice things

# She was quite an observant person.

#39. Optimum

being at the best possible,  producing the possible result.

# The production reached the optimum point.

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#40. Paradigm

A typical example, pattern, or model of something.

# She was a paradigm for a perfect woman.

#41. Premise

A statement that forms the basis of a reasonable theory

# The basic premise of his script was accurate and everyone there recognized him.

#42. Propensity

A tendency to a particular kind of behaviour.

# There is an increased personality of eating healthy foods nowadays.

#43. Profile

#i. A description of someone or something that gives useful information.

#ii. The general impression that someone or something gives to the public and the amount of attention they receive.

# The managers have to build up a detailed profile of the sales.

# The deal raised the profile of the organization.


#44. Ramification

A consequence of an event or action

# Any sudden change is found to have legal ramifications.

#45. Rapport

A friendly relationship in which people like and understand each other.

# They both had a good rapport in between.

#46. Renowned

Famous and respected

# He had a renowned personality.

#47. Restrained

Showing calm control rather than emotion

# He had a restrained attitude.

#48. Revitalize

To give new life and vitality.

# The current policy revitalized the current Indian economy.


#49. Succinct

Expressed clearly and using a few words.

# His answer was succinct.


#50. Thorough

#i. Doing things very carefully and great attention to detail

#ii. Including everything and with great detail.

# He was determined to be thorough in his research.

# The police carried out a thorough investigation.

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