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Step 1 - Profiling

Your coach and his team of resume expert will create a detailed profile of you from scratch about your past life your work experience your achievements your skills strengths and weakness
This profiling will serve as a basis for your professional resume linkedin profile and interview guidebook

Step 2 - Company Shortlisting

In the next session we will present you with a Job hunting plan where we will shortlist target industries job description CTCs and locations.
We will thus define a Application criteria to ensure everybodys efforts are rightly aligned towards the target jobs

Step 3 - Job Application and Interviews

In this phase work will happen in the background where your career coach with her team will track and apply for jobs based on Application criteria.
They will schedule interviews and provide you feedback and remedial guidance

Step 4 - Success and Salary Negotiation

What will you learn

Primary Placement consultant

Soft skills Faculty

Resume Faculty

Interview preparation faculty

Hard skills mentor

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Course Packages
  • Individualized professional career guidance from a dedicated personal coach
  • Over 50 interview opportunities to refine your skills and build experience
  • More than 10 career coaching sessions, including mock interviews to enhance your performance
  • Ongoing support in job search, application submission, and interview coordination
  • Expert assistance in crafting and optimizing your resume, CV, and LinkedIn profile
  • Valuable guidance in negotiating salary packages.
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