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Terms of use

1. All the courses have been created in adherence of the syllabus prescribed by the relevant authority. There is no guarantee of any additional coverage.

2. The course promises only the offerings listed on the website.

3. In the process of teaching, adequate discretion is taken by teachers. That shall not be counted as deviation from the syllabus.

4. Any request of course not being easily understandable due to language or theoretical difficulty will not be entertained. Adequate caution has been taken to make the course as understandable as possible.

5. If any significant topic is found missing in the course, it will be provided at a mutually agreed date only on online access. No new pen drive will be dispatched for that.

6. Any additional dispatch will be made if the missing part constitutes more than 25% of the syllabus of the examination, in terms of the weightage in the examination. The decision of uFaber shall be final and binding in such matters.

7. Money once paid shall NOT be refunded under any circumstances.

8. In case of any legal issues, the matter will be covered under the jurisdiction of Mumbai only.


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