Writing a piece of content on a computer is considered to be easier by many as it autocorrects to safeguard. But, when it comes about writing on a piece of paper or spell out something verbally, many get confused and make mistakes too.

There are many tricky words to spell which are pronounced in a different way and written in a different way. Below mentioned is a list of tricky words in English with examples of their usage. Check that out so that next time you won’t get confused about a tricky spelling and speak English fluently.

List of Tricky Words in English

Tricky Words List Starting with Letter A

Tricky words to pronounce Misspelling Example in sentence
Aberration Aberation He is normally calm headed, so this attack he made is an aberration.
Arctic Artic They went for discovering the Arctic on a cruise ship.
Abhor Avor Peace seeking people abhor violence.
Abundant Abundent It is the most abundant plant in the garden.
Accentuate Accenctuate Her pink scarf accentuated her complexion.
Accomplice Accomplish The thief and his accomplice were arrested.

Starting with Letter B

Right spelling Misspelling Example in sentence
Beatitude Betitude After having a weeklong holiday, his beatitude showed on his face.
Bonanza Bonnanza Diwali brings a bonanza of business for firecracker companies.
Brook Bruk They went to see the brook.
Bane Ben The summer was the army’s bane.
Believe Belive You have to believe me.

Starting with Letter C

Right spelling Misspelling Example in sentence
Category Catagory We belong to the general category.
Character Charactar Which character did he play on the stage?
Crystal Crystle The flowers in the crystal bowl enhanced the decor.
Changeable Changable The refrigerator is changeable.
Conscious Concscious He is very conscious of his health.

Tricky English Words Starting with Letter D

Right spelling Misspelling Example in sentence
Diffident Difident He was more diffident than usual.
Disaffected Diseffected The company’s policy has disaffected the employees.
Defection Difiction Report on Ali’s defection surfaced last Saturday.
Decrepit Decript The decrepit computer could not start.
Distrait Distrate He was distrait during the meeting.

Starting with Letter E

Right Wrong Example in sentence
Embedded Embeded The quilter’s name was embedded in the cloth.
Encompass Encompus How to encompass so many facts in one meeting?
equivalent Equivalant They want products of equivalent value as the previous one.
Enough Enuf He tried enough.
Entrance EntErance The entrance is well decorated.

 Starting with Letter F

Right Wrong Example in sentence
Fault Falt It was not your fault.
Fascinate Fassinate He was fascinated by the beauty of nature.
Fertile Fertil The soil here is very fertile.
Flood Flud Assam faced deadly floods last year.
Fluorescent Floresent He likes fluorescent coloured t-shirts.

Tricky English Words  Starting with Letter G

Right Wrong Example in sentence
Geyser Giser Turn on the geyser, please.
Glycerin Glyserin Glycerin keeps our lips soft.
Government Goverment He is preparing for government jobs.
Grammar Grammer Grammar is an important part of English learning.

Tricky Words in English Starting with Letter H

Right Wrong Example in sentence
Handkerchief Hankerchif I forgot to bring my handkerchief.
Harass Harrass She was harassed by her senior colleague.
Heavy Hevy The luggage is too heavy to be lifted alone.
Heinous Haynus His heinous act was criticised by all.

Starting with Letter I

Right Wrong Example in sentence
Immediately Imediately Call the doctor immediately.
Immigrate Imigrate He will immigrate to France.
Inflammation Inflamation She ignored the inflammation.

Tricky Words in English Starting with Letter J

Right Wrong Example in sentence
Jealous Jelous Her colleagues are jealous of her achievement.
Jeopardize Jepardize He did not want to jeopardize her employment.
Judgment Judgement His future depends on the judge’s judgment.

Tricky Words in English Starting with Letter K

Right Wrong Example in sentence
Kaleidoscope Kalidescope The kaleidoscope display was beautiful.
Kindergarten Kindergarden My kid is in kindergarten.
Knowledgeable Knowlegable He is known as a knowledgeable person.

Starting with Letter L

Tricky spelling Misspelled tricky English word Example in sentence
Label Lable Read the label before consuming any medicine.
Lacquer Lacker He is a lacquer painter by profession.
Leisure Leasure He reads books in his leisure time.

Tricky Words in English Starting with Letter M

Right Wrong Example in sentence
Malign Maline There was a malign desire in his eyes.
Marshmallow Marshmellow I take one marshmallow in one cup of tea.
Mayonnaise Mayonase He took some mayonnaise and cheese dip.

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Tricky Words in English Starting with Letter N

Right Wrong Example in sentence
Neither Niether She neither called nor came.
Ninety Ninty He took ninety bucks from me.
Notable Noteable I marked the notable things in the textbook.

Starting with Letter O

Tricky words list Misspelt tricky words in English  Example in sentence
Often Offen We go there often.
Opportunity Oportunity There is not much opportunity for him.
Orchid Orkid She loves white orchids.

Starting with Letter P

Right Wrong Example in sentence
Piece Peice Here is your piece of cake.
Participate Perticipate We should encourage the kids to participate in school events.
Pharmacist Pharmasist He is the local pharmacist.

Tricky Words in English Starting with Letter Q

Right Wrong Example in sentence
Quizzes Quizs He participated in many quizzes in his school life.
Quadruped Quadraped Donkey is definitely a quadruped.
Questionnaire Questionaire Jane was responsible for making the questionnaire.

Starting with Letter R

Right Wrong Example in sentence
Raccoon Racoon Haven’t you seen a raccoon before?
Redemption Rademtion They believe that the human race is in need of redemption.
Radius Radeus She was asked to draw a radius of 11 c.m.
Renaissance Renosance Introduction of smartphones was not less than a renaissance.

Starting with Letter S

Tough English words Misspelt words Example in sentence
Sapphire Saphire He bought a sapphire ring for his mother.
Satellite Sattellite Earth and Moon all are satellites.
Scenario Scenaireo There are scenario-based questions which the students have to answer logically.

Tricky Words in English Starting with Letter T

Right Wrong Example in sentence
Tarpaulin Tarpolin We need to buy a tarpaulin to protect the motorcycle from the rain.
Transcend Transsend Movies made by Satyajit Ray were able to transcend national barriers.
Trolley Trolly We took a trolley full of clothes for our Bangalore trip.

Starting with Letter U

Right Wrong Example in sentence
Unanimous Unannomus They were unanimous in selecting the candidate for the job.
Until Untill The office would remain closed until any further notice from the management.
Usability Usibility The salesperson must know all the usability of the items he would be selling.

Starting with Letter V

Right Wrong Example in sentence
Volunteer Volentier We are in need of volunteers for the blood donation camp.
Vinegar Vinigar Apple cider vinegar is very good for skin and hair.
Vitiate Visheate Smoke coming out of the cars vitiate the air.

Starting with Letter W

Tricky spelling Misspelt words Example in sentence
Wholly Wholely He was wholly dedicated to the exam preparation.
Wondrous Wonderous The company is engaged in providing wondrous services to its customers.
Writhe Wryth She screamed in for help as she saw Jane who writhed in pain on the road.

Starting with Letter Y

Right Wrong Example in sentence
Yarmulke Yarmaka He had a collection of a yarmulke.
Yacht Yot Her parents are about to purchase a small yacht toy for her.
Yeoman Yoman He ordered to find out the yeoman who rented farms.

Tricky Words to Spell Starting with Letter Z

Right Wrong Example in sentence
Zinc Zink He works in a zinc coating company that coats steel bars to protect those from rust.
Zephyr Zefer They met on the ground when a gentle zephyr was going on.
Zucchini Zookeenee Zucchini is not in the list of her favourite vegetables.

List of Long Tricky Words

Here goes a list of 10 long tricky words that most people spell incorrectly and are not able to pronounce correctly too. Take a look and make a note of the spellings.

  • Philanthropic
  • Disinterested
  • Nonplussed
  • Lieutenant
  • Flabbergasted
  • Millennial
  • Superfluous
  • Negligent
  • Obstreperous
  • Pertinacious


Hopefully, this long list of English words will be helpful for you to understand and use the language in a better way. To get better knowledge about this foreign language, you can always get enrolled in some experts led online English learning classes .

So, now that you have got a list of the tricky words, how are you going to use these words? Do let us know your answer by commenting in the box below.

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