For people who have recently graduated from college or university and are going to enter the profession for the first time, a more recent résumé is needed. Fresher resume formats are often straightforward and easy to scan.

The resume draws the attention of job recruiters by emphasizing your talents, strengths, and professional experience. This article will teach you more about the fundamentals of a fresher resume.

What is a Fresher Resume?

A fresher resume is one that is written by a new university graduate who has little or no job experience. As a result, the emphasis of such a resume is more on your personal assets.

It highlights your skills and abilities to compensate for your lack of experience. When potential employers analyze such resumes, they consider if your skills and experience make you a good fit for the position.

Sample Resume for Freshers: How to Write a Fresher Resume?

You may create a fresher resume by following these steps:

Reread the Job Advertisement

Make a list of the keywords and keyword phrases used by the firm in the job description and utilise them to showcase your talents in your resume. These abilities should be applicable to the job you’re seeking for.

State Your Contact Information

In the top area of your resume, provide your name, address, email, and mobile number.

Include Your Social Media Accounts

Including any professional social media pages, you have might give additional information to the recruiter if they chose to look for it. Include the URLs in the address section.

Write a Concise Personal Statement

It should include information on who you are, why you want to work in your field, your career objectives, and any awards or recognition you have received in school.

List Your Soft and Hard Skills

Examine which talents will help you perform better on the job and include only those. For example, if you are applying for a customer service position, you might emphasize your communication, interpersonal, and dispute resolution abilities.

If it is a technical post, you might highlight your knowledge of coding and other computer languages. Include any skills you have in writing, planning, and organizing.

Provide Educational Information

List your official qualifications, as well as any certificates or licenses you hold. Give your attendance dates. Mention any prizes and scholarships you received as a high achiever in high school or college.

Give Work Experience Details

Even though you don’t have a lot of professional experience, you might describe any projects you’ve worked on your own or with others. If you interned with a corporation or worked part-time at a fast-food cafe or a mall store, give that information.

Mention Hobbies and Interests

These can provide prospective employers with a more complete picture of you as a person.

Highlight Miscellaneous Skills

You can, for example, emphasize your fluency in any foreign language. The expertise you have might be crucial in gaining you the job. Candidates with intercultural abilities are in high demand, given the worldwide prominence of many firms.

Declare Your Willingness to Learn New Skills

Emerging technologies are altering the way businesses operate, which is why employers are increasingly looking for employees that are eager to learn new skills and are quick learners. Highlighting these features may pique the interest of recruiters.

Proofread and Edit the CV

Examine the resume for typos, omissions, grammar mistakes, and spelling issues to create a good impression on employers and demonstrate your attention to detail. Read everything twice to be sure, and have a family member or friend look over it with you.

Look at Other CV Samples Online

Locate those in your field and compare them to your CV. Examine whether there is potential for development and whether you can do anything to make your CV stand out.

Resume Format for Freshers

The Resume should preferably be one page long. To make the resume simple to scan, use clear colours and readable business typefaces such as Calibri, Arial, or Helvetica, as well as lots of white space. This sample might serve as a decent template for drafting a CV for a new candidate:

[Your name] [Your address] [Your Email] [Your phone number] [Social media links]

Personal Statement

[A brief statement of who you]

Soft Skills

[Skill] [Skill] [Skill]

Hard Skills

[Skill] [Skill] [Skill]


[Name of the school/college], [Period of attendance] [Degree/Diploma/Certificate program]

Work Experience

[Name of company/business] [Duration of work] [Work position]

Hobbies and Interests

[Hobby] [Hobby] [Hobby]



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Resume Samples for Freshers

Graphic Artist Resume

Greta Thierbach

3245 Simpson Street, Aurora, Colorado

[email protected]


Social Media

Personal Statement

Enthusiastic, an accomplished art college graduate with great design and calligraphy skills, strong proficiency in graphic design software programs, and good communication skills. Enjoys new experiences and challenges.

Soft Skills

Time management skills

Organizational skills

Public speaking skills

Hard Skills

Microsoft Office

Adobe Graphic Suite

Graphic design



The University of Colorado, 2018-2020

Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design

Work Experience

Blokhina Graphics

Dec. 2019-Feb. 2020

Design Intern

Hobbies and Interests

Volleyball player and yoga enthusiast

Travelled solo through Peru, Argentina, and Mexico

Avid travel photographer


Fluent in French, German, Spanish, and English

IT Engineer Resume

Logan Miller

365, Maple Street, Los Angeles

[email protected]


Social Media

Personal Statement

Disciplined, tenacious, and creative IT engineering graduate with strong computer hardware skills, strong programming skills, and a deep interest in new IT developments. Has great analytical skills, communication skills, and interpersonal skills. Interested in finding solutions for intractable problems.

Soft Skills

Problem-solving skills

Teamwork skills

Planning skills

Management skills

Negotiation skills

Marketing skills

Public speaking skills

Hard Skills

Cloud computing

Cloud security

Web services security

Information architecture

Integration architecture

Distributed computing

Technical writing

Database management

Quantitative research

Big data analysis


Stanford University, 2017-2020

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Work Experience

Summer research internship with CURIS

Undergraduate section leader for introductory CS106 courses

Hobbies and Interests

Ice skating





Fluent in English and Spanish

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Resume Tips for Freshers

Here are some crucial resume suggestions for new graduates to keep in mind while creating a CV.

#1. Be On Point

A resume for a fresher seeking their first job must be far more compelling than a standard resume. It must be appropriate and include as much information as possible in as few words as possible.

An unorganized, extensive CV might significantly reduce a fresher’s chances of being shortlisted.

Thus, the most crucial thing to remember while writing a resume is that it should be concise and clear.

#2. Resume Headlines

A fresher’s CV should always include distinct resume headlines that correspond to the work tasks required of an ideal applicant.

Highlight your core abilities and tell the recruiter why you’d be a good fit for that role in a few sentences.

#3. Customize your CV as Per Requirement

Understand the job requirements for the position you’re looking for and tailor your resume accordingly to increase your chances of being shortlisted.

For example, if a job need emphasizes teamwork, highlight teamwork skills in your CV to increase your chances of being selected.

#4. Structured Information

A fresher resume style typically lacks the professional experience to support the CV, necessitating an astute strategy.

A suitable framework should be maintained instead of filling up your resume at random. A fresher’s CV should include information on the candidate’s education, abilities, technical skills, apprenticeships, and so on.

#5. Check Grammar

In any professional setting, incorrect grammar is unacceptable. Make certain that your CV’s grammar is proper and that there are no spelling issues.

It makes a bad impression on the recruiter, which might have disastrous consequences for your career chances.


We hope that you have learned how to create a good resume for freshers. Put all the points mentioned in the resume format in this article. One of the most important things is to select the template. Always choose a clean and crispy template so that the recruiter finds it easy to catch.

You also have the choice to download the Fluent Life app on your mobile phone for customized personal lectures where you get instant feedback on your performance and can resolve all your queries.

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