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Get your resume
handcrafted by experts

Get Your Resume Evaluated

6 Classic Resume Mistakes

  • Copy paste their resume and get lost in crowd
  • Ignore self-profiling and end up with a surfacial CV
  • Make extremely lengthy resumes going upto 2 to 4 pages
  • Write wordy flowery language undoing their true self
  • Fail to write impactful description or past work experiences
  • Use random design templates not knowing what it highlights

Why do our resume actually work?

Profiling Expert

To extract the best of the “professional you” from you

Customized Template

To make stand out among your peers

Job Portal Alignment

Make Sure your Professional Social Media Profile is A- Grade

ATS Auditing

To make sure you appear in recruiter searches on all job portals

We are the preferred choice of active job seekers

Sahil Sharma, 34

I thought my resume was good, with 5 pages but it had so many mistakes and so many unnecessary details! I am thankful to Daya Ma’am who saved me by correcting my mistakes and making a perfect 1-page resume for me. I didn’t even know this was possible! Thanks to this resume I am more confident about applying for other jobs.

6+ Years of Experience

Mahesh Vani, 36

I was never able to put down my experience in a resume, and it was getting hard for me to shift jobs. I signed up for this service and got a perfect resume made for future jobs. Plus my Linkedin profile got edited and formatted. I am now taking training for interview preparation.

Shift of Career

Raj Thakur, 22

After completing my engineering degree, my resume was almost a copy of my classmates’ resumes, like them I was not able to get interviews, this helped me correct all the mistakes in my resume. Now I am getting calls from companies for Interviews. Plus I learnt I have skills that I was not even aware of, this has given me the confidence to reject jobs I do not like.

Student Fresher

Priyank Tapo, 23

I have always become anxious when I need to write anything because of this I didn’t even have a resume. Luckily my Resume Writer took an in depth interview with me and made me a resume from scratch. It’s really perfect and with zero stress.

Student Fresher

Resume+ Program Offerings

Dedicated Resume Writing Coach
ATS optimized Resume and Profiles
  • 1 Text & 1 Pdf Resume
  • 2 Cover Letters
  • 2 Job Portal Profiles

1 Text & 1 Pdf Resume

Dedicated Resume Writing Coach

ATS optimized Resume and Profiles

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