Importance of Knowing One’s Fluency Level

How many of you struggle with achieving fluency when it comes to English speaking? Flawless speaking is a skill that is developed after you have mastered all aspects of the language. 

Fluency always gives you an extra edge over the others as your ability to express yourself clearly gets reflected in the way you speak. Have you measured your fluency levels or do you believe that your fluency levels do not require any assessment?

The Fluent Life app has a feature that has something called the Fluency Meter. It evaluates your fluency levels based on the kind of questions they ask you.

Grammar, vocabulary, speaking skills and writing skills are taken into consideration and a detailed report is created based on these aspects. You can get an analysis of your fluency levels for free in this manner.

Fluent Life has consistently remained instrumental in improving Spoken English and Professional Communication skills over the years. 

How The Fluency Meter Works

Step 1:

If you wish to check your score using the Fluency Meter, all you need to do is go to the Fluent Life app. You can click on the link here to get redirected

Step 2:

Once you have selected the fluency meter, you will have to browse through a set of instructions that will guide you. 

Step 3:

You will then be asked to attempt a fluency test where you will have to answer questions that will examine your overall fluency in the language. 

Step 4:

The questions will be based on different categories and once the test is completed, you will receive a detailed analysis of your score. You will also understand the areas that need more work than the others and be able to hone them.

The Fluency report will be helpful in pointing out weaknesses and strengths so that you can work upon your language skills strategically. 

You can also get in touch with a Fluent Life expert for free in order to receive advice regarding improving your fluency score.

Some Other Ways Of Improving Fluency


  • Listen to a podcast and pay close attention to the words that are said. You will learn about intonation, pronunciation, grammatical usage and sentence structuring
  • Attend Fluent Life’s Masterclasses as they’re highly interactive and the mentors encourage every participant to come out of their comfort zones.
  • Get into the habit of talking to yourself. You can have conversations in your head while you’re contemplating what to have for dinner or while you are at some coffee shop and can’t make up your mind regarding which beverage to opt fYou can also look for a speaking partner via the fluent life app and practice speaking on topics of interest with a partner.
  • You can also improve grammar and vocabulary with AI-based chatbots that the Fluent Life app has. These personalities hold conversations on topics of your interest and you can choose any personality from the 10-12 options that are available.
  • Always pay attention to the subtitles that appear underneath a movie that’s being screened or a series/ documentary that you see. These subtitles are useful in picking up certain grammatical nuances such as punctuation and conjunction.
  • Write down words or phrases that are new to you. Make a journal that contains a list of these terms and then incorporate them into your everyday vocabulary and speeches.

Fluent Life has transformed the lives of thousands by helping them hone their Professional, Social and Personal Communication skills.

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