Few of us struggle with communication as we do not possess the ability to express ourselves in the right manner. 

By neglecting such a situation, we will never be able to overcome it and so, the only way of acquiring decent oratory skills is by holding conversations with people around us.  

Most of us run out of words to speak while we’re interacting with others. We tend to use filler words such as ‘ummm’, ‘hmmm’ or ‘errrr’ as we grapple with sentences. Most of these problems can be taken care of if one indulges in the right bout of practice.

Fluent Life has an app that takes care of this problem.

The Fluent Life app has many features to choose from and the Speaking Partner feature is a boon for all those who wish to hone their speaking abilities in less time than anticipated.


Speaking Partner & How It Functions

In the Speaking Partner, you can look for other partners who wish to converse with you in English. The app conducts a speaking hour everyday between 11 am to 1 pm and from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. During this time, you can look for a Speaking Partner who is willing to practice their Spoken English skills.

You can practice your conversational skills via audio calls. It is a very interesting feature as it allows two like-minded people to hold conversations on topics of their interest. 

These prompts are usually on contemporary topics such as the economic development policies, any event that may be coming up, a discussion on some book etc. You can also change prompts if you aren’t comfortable speaking about a certain topic. 

The Speaking Partner helps people in enhancing their context-specific vocabulary as well as knowledge. It also helps you in establishing yourself as a speaker.  The Speaking Hour takes place between 1-3 pm everyday and it is usually the most ideal time to look for an ideal speaking partner.

How Speaking With Real Users Can Improve Communication

Every time we interact with a real user through the Speaking Partner feature, we intrinsically become connected to that speaking partner. Empathy is one of the most important soft skills that everyone needs in order to function optimally and speaking with another user helps build that within us.

We are able to identify their emotions and find common ground with them. Over a period of time, we are able to place ourselves in their shoes and understand where they are coming from. 

This fulfills the very purpose of communication as it becomes deeper and meaningful. While you’re hearing the other person out, you are also working on skills such as patience, understanding others and listening abilities. 

By speaking to different people and on various topics of interest, you will be able to gauge how they function and also gain insights about yourself in the process. You might even find some commonalities that will help you in perfecting your speaking skills.


If you are in a dilemma and do not know where to begin, you can check out the Fluent Life app below

This app has remained instrumental in helping people perfect their English speaking skills. 

Advantages Of Using A Speaking Partner

Communication will not be considered complete or effective until the time it is fully understood by its recipient. 90 percent of all verbal communications are involved in business transactions.

If you do not come across as someone who is a clear communicator, you will not be taken seriously. Stated below are some reasons behind why speaking coherently matters:


  • Personal Growth: If you possess the ability to clearly express your thoughts, you will not only have meaningful conversations but also a greater understanding of your own self. Your vision and your goals become more prominent as well.


  • Transparency: Being transparent is more important than any other aspect and if you are able to clarify everything through your exchanges, there will never remain any room for doubts. The more honest you remain while explaining something, the more advantageous it will prove to be for you.


  • Boosts Critical Thinking skills: Speaking about a topic requires a great deal of thought organization. You need to be able to arrange your thoughts and then deliver them. You will have to constantly think about what message you’re delivering to your audience and the impact that it will have on them.


Being an effective communicator involves using positive body language. Non-verbal communication plays a more significant role than verbal communication and gestures such as maintaining eye contact, resisting the urge to fiddle with your face or hair, actively listening to the person you’re talking to, not checking your phone while speaking to someone is an indication of positive body language.