Apps are one of the best methods to get into the habit of speaking English daily. They ensure that the users do not feel monotony set in and have updated features that guide a user while he/ she is navigating the app. 

There are many English speaking apps that the market can boast of , such as Sounds: The Pronunciation app, Elsa, Babbel, Speak English Fluently and the Speaking Pal. 

You also have the Fluent Life app that can be truly life-changing. The Fluent Life app has multiple interesting features to choose from such as a Speaking Partner, AI-based personality chat bot, Live Events, Masterclasses and Fluency Meter.

Let’s find out how the Fluent Life app is distinct from the other apps that exist.

Different English Speaking Apps & Their Features 

Speaking Pal is an app that allows users to have conversations with animated characters using a script.

The app gives you instant feedback on your grammar and pronunciation and so, it is effective in real-time monitoring. 

Speaking Pal tracks your progress throughout the time you use this app and this evaluation assists you in understanding just how much work you need to put in. However, this app primarily focuses on the speaking aspect of language learning and does not give importance to other aspects such as writing practice or reading practice.

If you have just learnt the language and are in need of practice, Speak English Fluently is the ideal app for you. 

It uses words and phrases that are used in everyday conversations so that you can pick up the terminologies that are most required.

It has content both for the beginners as well as for the intermediates. You will also be able to bookmark your most cherished lessons so that you can refer to them later. The absence of a mentor who guides you throughout the time you’re on the app is its demerit. A mentor who understands your needs and pays close attention to you can help you achieve fluency in no time.

Babbel is an app that focuses on the speaking module of the English language. It encourages its speakers to hold conversations in the language so that they can enhance their speaking abilities through practice. Here too, the speaking aspect of language learning is stressed upon. In order to master English, one needs to be good at Reading, Writing and Listening too.

Sounds is mainly a Pronunciation app and focusses on an individual’s pronunciation and enunciation. 

It stresses the importance of phonics while picking up words and has an interactive phonemic chart. It  compares both the British mode of speaking and the American mode of speaking. The lack of a fluency meter that evaluates you on the basis of your overall fluency makes this an ineffective app for users who are looking to achieve all round development.

ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) is an AI-powered English speaking mentor. It will ask you to record something and then provide feedback. 

The absence of group based interactions with the mentor present can be a deterrent when it comes to focussed learning and consistency.

The Fluent Life App & English Speaking Skills

The Fluent Life app believes in all-round development. It has features such as a Fluency Meter that assesses your fluency levels based on aspects such as pronunciation, grammar, sentence structuring, writing and speaking skills. All you need to do is take a test and the app collates results of your progress.

Speaking Partner is yet another feature that allows users to communicate with other individuals. They have a list of topics to choose from and they can have exchanges on topics that interest them the most. 

This builds skills such as listening abilities, empathy, patience and also broadens one’s perspective towards certain situations.

It also teaches users contextual vocabulary that helps them in conducting their daily exchanges with people from different walks of life. 

In Live Events, daily activities are conducted on various topics by the admin and all users can participate in them.

They’re quite fun-filled as they are interactive and also engaging. Users need to brainstorm before they send in their answers and this bolsters their creative instincts. 

Masterclasses are perhaps one of the best features as all users get to interact with mentors. The mentors maintain the decorum in a class and encourage everyone to participate in the discussions that take place. 

They see to it that every user is actively involved in the sessions and that no one feels left out. People learn not only from their mentors but also from their peers. 

The AI-based personality bots have over 10 different personalities to choose from. People who are food aficionados can speak to a chef while someone who may be into styling or technology can speak to another bot.

These bots have been designed keeping the end user’s myriad personalities in mind. There is someone for everyone here. They improve your contextual grammar and vocabulary considerably. 

Moreover, the student will receive activities pertaining to the bot that he/ she has chosen and will feel interested in completing them before class everyday.  

online English-speaking app

Before you install an app to improve your English speaking skills, make sure that you do your homework. Choosing the right app will make all the difference to your learning experience. An app that is comprehensive in its approach will teach you not just the basics of language but also provide you the confidence that you need in order to face the world.

Go for an app that believes in holistic language learning instead of the ones that have nothing special to offer. The choice rests with you. If you wish to find out more about the Fluent Life app, you can click on the link below