Introductions are really thoughtful. Especially in English conversation. Introductions will take place every time you meet a new person. It can be to anyone a boss, a friend, a family member or anyone. The way you introduce is important. This is the first impression that you create of a person which should be good from your side. When you introduce, how do you present a person is what we will learn here. In this example, Karan introduces his friend Farid to Rahul at a party.

Fluent Life | Introducing a friend.

Fluent Life | Introducing a friend.

Read the English conversation carefully.

(The characters in the conversation are good friends with strong bonding. If it had to be a business partner what would be the conversation- Refer the alternatives.)
Karan: Hi, Wassup.
(An alternative: Hi, How are you?)
Rahul: Hi, I am all good.
(The above is not the most appropriate sentence.)
(An alternative: Hi, I am doing very well.)
Karan: You are on time today. How come?
(An alternative: This is the first time you are on time.)
Rahul: I am always on time. Okay.
(An alternative: I am late, but not always.)
Karan: Yes, yes. I know, now let’s go.
(The above one is not the most appropriate one.)
(You can say: Yeah alright. C’mon lets go.)
(An alternative: I am Kidding. Can we go now?)
Rahul: At least, introduce your friend to me.
(This isn’t the most appropriate sentence.)
(An alternative: Don’t you think we need an introduction?)
Karan: Sure. He is my school friend.
(You can say: Oh Yes! He is my school friend.)
(An alternative: Meet him, He is my business partner.)
Rahul: Oh! You are that childhood friend. I have heard a lot about you.
(Karan: You were telling me about him?)
Farid: Same here, Bro.
(The above sentence isn’t appropriate.)
(You can say: Even I have heard a  lot about you.)
Rahul: Hi, I am Rahul.
Farid: Hi, I am Farid.
Rahul: Would you like to have a drink?
(You can say: What’s your poison? or Do you consume alcohol?)
Farid: Yes, sure.
Rahul: Karan, your vodka with soda is fixed, right?
Karan: You know me well.

Test your Comprehension.

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If you had to introduce your business partner or colleague to your friend. How would you do?

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