If you feel unwell, the first thing you need to do is visit a doctor. You cannot avoid going to a doctor for a long time. When you are with the doctor you need to communicate. If you do not tell your symptoms to the doctor, he might not be able to treat you well. There shouldn’t be any communication gap. It isn’t as difficult as you think.

Fluent Life | Talking about symptoms

Fluent Life | Talking about symptoms

Read the conversation carefully.

Patient: Good evening, Doctor.
(Do not say: Hie, Doctor.)
Doctor: Good evening. When did you come back to Mumbai?
(An alternative: When did you come back from the tour?)
Patient: I came back on Tuesday.
(An alternative: I was back on Tuesday.)
(Do not say: I am back on Tuesday.)
Doctor: Okay. Tell me, What happened to you?
(Do not say: Okay, What’s the problem?)
Patient: After coming back from Shimla there are many changes in my body.
(The above sentence is not appropriate.)
(An alternative: I came back from Shimla and observed there are changes in my body.)
Doctor: Changes? What changes? Can you explain me in detail?
(An alternative: What are the changes you feeling?)
Patient: I am not feeling hungry. There is always a headache.
(An alternative: I don’t feel hungry and there is a constant headache while I am working.)
(Wrong sentence: I am not having anything and also there is a headache.)
Doctor: Okay, anything else? Body ache or Stomachache?
(Not appropriate: Okay, anything more? Bodyache? Stomachache? )
(An alternative: Is there anything more that you feel?)
Patient: Yes, There is Body ache.
(An alternative: Yes, Body ache too.)
(Wrong sentence: Also Body ache.)
Doctor: Did you have something spicy?
(An alternative: Did you have any spicy food?)
Patient: No.
Doctor: Okay, I’ll check. If you still feel unwell, you have to get the blood test done.
(An alternative: You might have to get a blood test done if you don’t feel better.)
(Wrong sentence: A blood test may be if you remain same.)
Patient: Blood test?
(An alternative: Oh! Blood test?)
Doctor: Don’t worry. You will be fine.
(An alternative: You will be fine. You don’t have to bother much.)
(Not appropriate: Don’t worry there is nothing you need to worry about. You will be fine soon.)

Test your Comprehension

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If you were in the same situation, How would you communicate to the Doctor?

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