Once an intelligent man said,” if you are good at something, never do it for free.”. Many of you carry exceptional skills or talent that are left untapped or are not used to their full potential. However, today you have the chance to unravel your creativity and imagination. Fluent Life is launching a competition for you all! Who is this competition meant for? Well, if you love to debate and play with words then this is going to be your arena! What is this contest all about? How can you participate? Let’s answer all your questions!

What is this Competition about?

Fluent Life at Ufaber is coming with a competition consisting of three rounds. The first round is called the presidential speech, you have to create a speech based on the given topics. Out of thousands of entries, only 20 entries will make it to round 2 so make sure you put in all your efforts. The second round is the Panel discussion round in which people carry on conversations and put their perspective in front of an audience. Then the audience put important questions and the expert answers them and provide any clarification if needed. Moving on to the final round which is the Final Debate round.

Fun Rounds Awaiting You!

What are you supposed to do? Basically, only four people will participate in the final round. They will discuss the given topic and decide if they agree or disagree on the given topic. Your argument has to powerful and logical in order to convince the examiner.  Now the question arises, are there any restrictions in this competition? There is only one restriction which is that you have to be 18 years old to participate in this contest.

Are there any Exciting Prizes?

Absolutely yes! The winner gets a cash prize of INR 100000. Isn’t that cool?! The runner up gets INR 50000 as well and there are also cash prizes for the finalists. With this kind of prize, it’s worth giving a try.

What are the important dates? Well, the entries are open from 1 December and close on 10th January for round 1. Meanwhile, the final results will be declared on 26th January. So you have plenty of time for your preparation.

How to Book a Spot for Yourself?

All you have to do is download the fluent life app and submit your entries over there or you can visit the fluent life website here if you have any queries or questions regarding the contest. Do not forget this competition is not limited to students but also working professionals, creative people, and even teachers can go try their luck.

Few Tips to Remember when Entering a Contest

1) It is obvious that not everyone is going to win. But even if you don’t get rewarded you will still gain a lot by challenging yourself. You will get to learn new stuff and gain experience and can, later on, mention these experiences in your interviews or resumes.

2) These competitions encourage you to test your ideas and see how feasible they are in a risk-free setting where you can gather and integrate input from peers and professionals. If you’re committed to fulfilling your goals, every time you spend on fine-tuning your ideas is a worthy investment. What if you don’t win any of the competitions you enter? Note, this isn’t a waste of time, it’s time spent learning and improving.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself booked and submit your entry before the deadline. Wishing all good luck!