Are you a student? Or a working professional? No matter who you are or what you do, if you are someone above the age of 18 years and has a zeal within to think and speak on topics that matter to the world, then this opportunity is the right thing that can happen to you in 2020!

FluentLife by Ufaber is offering you the platform to come up and speak your heart out so that the world can hear the leader living within you.

Fluentlife Public Speaking Competition – A platform where you can meet the future leader in you.

Facts to Know about the Fluentlife Public Speaking Competition

Let’s take a look at the facts of this competition before we even get into the preparation strategy.

Who can Participate?

  • Students
  • Working professionals
  • Socialites
  • Teachers
  • Anybody above 18 years old.

Glimpses of the Rounds

Round 1: Choose a competition speaking topic and record a speech on that. 1000 entries coming from all over the country will try their luck in this Presidential Speech round.

Round 2: Top 20 entries after getting shortlisted from round 1 will get a chance to prove their outstanding skill in Panel Discussion round to outmanoeuvre their competitors.

Round 3: Top 4 participants will reach the third round which is the Final Debate. This round is full of wit and words and one has to prove their augmentative speaking abilities in one on one debate.

These are all it Will Take to Win the Competition?


Whenever participating in a speaking competition, the first thing that you should take absolute care about is – clarity. Whatever you say should be clearly audible. No matter how amazing a speech you are going to record, if your voice is not clearly audible then your efforts won’t shine much. So make sure you record your speech in a place where there is no extra sound. To be extra sure about your recording, ask for feedback from your family members or close friends and then send your recording.


Remember in this round, your voice is your identity as you will be judged completely based on how well you sound. Obviously sounding well can not be the only thing that will take you forward in this competition but surely it is one of those things that can make the judges take a decision in your favour. In a competition like this, attention to detail is the key you should use.

Use your voice in a variety of ways to make people understand the point. Give enough pause whenever required. Talk in a way as if your audience is sitting right in front of you. Let your voice reflect your confidence.

Fresh and Compelling

Be it vegetables or content, the fresher those are, the better. Keep this in mind and always try to include unique examples in your speech and cover subjects which will make the audience think. Try to make it interactive, add contrast and once you are done with making your point clear, close the deal by asking the audience to take action.

Tell a Story

As already mentioned above, make your story interactive. Let the audience take part in it. Turn your speech into a story that the audience can relate to. Talk in a way that will wake your audience and make them participate in it.

Reveal Step by Step

A great speech is just like a great story unfolding in front of the audience. A good speech should have the power to influence and engage the audience. In order to master this art, you should put extra focus on revealing the important facts gradually. Structure your speech well.

Make a Point

Your ultimate goal while giving the speech should be to make your point have a seat. Research well, collect useful and factual information about your topic, project that smartly, engage your audience and make sure you establish your point.


Participating in various events is the best thing one can do for showing-off his/ her skills and also for giving a high boost to self confidence. Don’t get demotivated thinking about the selection. What’s beautiful about such contests is that you can expect the unexpected. Think it like an opportunity where you can shine.