Public speaking is an art many do not acquire. There are many that have mastered the art of public speaking. Are you one of those that want to show their skills off? Even if you do not wish to, join Fluent Life’s Public speaking competition to be able to test yourself out.

So why should you be joining the competition? Let’s discuss the reasons in the further sections of this article!

Why You Should Join?

Essentially, the main benefits of joining the competition will be the prize award but also to be able to show your skill in public speaking.

Public speaking is an art that many cannot do. A lot of people spend time brushing their skills and try to be better speakers every day.

Your career may require you to be a public speaker and this competition will be the right stepping stone to push you into the correct path. Even if you do not win, you will gain experience and will also be able to overcome some of your failures and fears. The lessons you will take away from this in-hand experience will be far greater than the experience you get from textbook learning.


The competition has three rounds in total. The first round is the Presidential Speech round where 1000 entries all over India will be given a chance to showcase their talent.

Candidates will need to record a speech on one of the topics for this round and submit it along with their application. This round basically filters out the participants and the best of the lot are chosen.

The second round begins with only 20 entries from the first round. Yes, from 1000 entries, the entries drop to 20. So make sure you bring your A-game every time you come to speak.

Second Stage

The second stage is a Panel Discussion round. Like mentioned, from the initial round, only a set of 20 candidates go through.

This round’s objective is to show that you can outmanoeuvre your opponents and rise to the top. At no stage will you be able to give in less than 100% of your efforts if you wish to win in the competition.

The next stage is the third and final stage.


The third and final round is a Debate round. From the initial 1000 to the second 20, only 4 candidates get to the Final.

This will be an all-out debate where they show their maximum potential against each other. They will need to show their skills in argumentative skills.


One of the most exciting parts of any tournament is the prize one can win by competing. In this competition too, there are exciting prizes one can win.

  • The prize for the Winner of the competition is INR 1 Lakh.
  • The second runner up of the competition wins INR 50,000.
  • The top 20 candidates get INR 6000 each.
  • A special pass of INR 1000 with Fluentlife to all impressive entries.

This prize money is high but the battle for this will not be easy. You will need to work your way throughout and be able to overcome the best speakers out there to win the prize and claim your throne. So do you have what it takes?

Who Can Participate?

Now, are you eligible to participate? The eligibility criteria are very simple. You need to be 18 years in age to be able to participate in this competition.

You can be a student, a teacher, a working professional, you can be anyone. As long as you are above the age of 18, you are invited to apply for the competition.


Now that you know the eligibility, the procedure, the prize money of the tournament. Let’s have a look at the dates of the tournament.

The entries for the competition open on the 1st of December and the round 1 entries close on the 10th of January 2021.

In 6 days time, the results will be given for the first round. Meaning that the results will be out on the 16th of January 2021.

The round 2 finals and results will happen on the same day itself. This round will take place on the 23rd of January 2021.

The finale of the competition will take place on the 26th of January 2021. This will be held on the auspicious occasion of India’s Republic Day. The results for the finale will be given on the same date.

Round 1 Topics

Let’s have a look at the round 1 topics:

  • This is 2177. You are the Chairman of the biggest company in the world? Give the keynote address to launch your new path-breaking product/service.
  • You’re retiring today with a fortune of 1 Billion dollars. Give your farewell speech.
  • You are invited to speak on graduation day at your school? Address the students.
  • One Individual is selected for a Voyage to Mars from each country? Make a case why should you be chosen from India.

Steps to Apply

The steps to apply for the first round are very simple. First, visit the Fluentlife homepage for the competition.

Scroll down till you find the box that says book a spot. You will be redirected to a Google Form, where you will have to give a few details about yourself and also upload a picture of yourself.

Make sure you read all the terms and conditions. After filling the form, click on next and make a video based on the topic. This round’s topic can be chosen by you. Click submit and you will be done with the form.

The next step will involve uploading your video and BOOM, you are done applying for the first round!


Whether you are an expert in public speaking or not, remains unseen until you have won competitions. If you feel that you are very skilled in the art form of public speaking, showcase your talent in this public speaking competition. There are many exciting cash prizes to be won. So bring your A-game and show that you have it in you to be the best.