Ever heard about the term effortless learning? It is when you’re learning something without the intention to do so. For example, if you want to learn English, every time you watch an English movie or whenever you read a book before going to bed is effortless learning. 

Right now, when you’re checking out blogs on English, you are learning English. If you think you should speak English fluently, you must go ahead with this article. Well, it is an aspiration to be worthy before others and it can be fulfilled by speaking effectively and making your mark. 

The common things like getting distracted while you’re learning something and then suddenly switching to checking out your notifications on Instagram and Facebook or watching a YouTube video. Well, how about making use of these mediums to learn English. 

Here are 5 YouTube channels to follow to learn the skills that you can follow to improve your language skills. You must look a little down to understand and acknowledge the best YouTube channels. These channels will give you the best learning towards success in English. This blog provides you with the best youtube channel for English speaking, English speaking courses, youtube channel for English speaking, and English fluency course. 

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5 Youtube Channels to Follow to Learn English

YouTube is the best application to let people educate, learn, be aware, inform, entertain, and make them skillful. Millions of people use YouTube to learn new skills in different fields. Every type of data and information is available on this tool. 

It is considered a perfect platform for creating, sharing, and learning everything. The biggest part is that this application is highly accessible to everyone worldwide. All you need to use is a good network connection.

This is the most invaluable platform from which you can learn language skills by either watching the videos or taking live lectures from experts around the globe. Once you visit YouTube, you will find tons of channels for English learning.

This article will talk about a few prominent ones that can change your life. Your dream will become true after visiting and acknowledging these channels. The professionals will also guide you to get better with each step. So, you need not worry anymore about your aspirations of learning and using effective grammar. It is just an article away because after reading this article, you will reach the channels soon. 

Category-Wise Channels

Well, nobody is perfect from the mother’s womb. We all learn and grow by our efforts. The channels teach you according to your pace and previous learning. We have channels for kids as well. 

Whether you are learning from a short period or long period, whether you are an advanced learner or a kid, you can get every kind of channel related to your pace on YouTube. So, based on the category of the learners, the channels of YouTube are given below. 


#. Fluent Life

#. Speak English With Mr. Duncan.

#. Easy English.

#. BBC Learning English.

#. Jennifer ESL.


#. English Class 101.

#. EF.

#. VOA Learning English.


#. Rachel’s English.

#. Business English Pod.


#. British Council Learn English Kids. 

#. Fun Kids English.

5 Best Channels to Learn English

If you want to learn grammar or if you know the language but need to brush up on your skills, you can go ahead to read these points. The below-written channels will benefit you for your knowledge. YouTube channels grow your knowledge quickly and easily. 

You learn effectively by having fun. The videos that can turn your aspirations into reality are available for free and at your time. 

These videos are present in high quality and best resolution. You can ask your queries or share something in the comment section given below of the video. So, let’s begin with the knowledge about the channels. 

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Fluent Life

The Fluent Life YouTube channel is the best for all beginners who want to speak English fluently with the best direction. The teachers on this channel help teach the most important English lessons to the people with examples and practice papers. The learners find it most incredible because of the best and most unique teaching pattern. 

You can learn English aspects such as writing, reading, and speaking along with grammar, vocabulary, and advanced phrases. Learning English is very essential in the modern era to be confident before professionals and to seek better career opportunities. So, you can choose this channel for English proficiency. 

English Class 101

This channel is the most popular one on YouTube. You can search and reach out to this channel easily. It is very effective for English language learning and skills development. 

This channel has over 1.4 million subscribers which makes it valuable and trusted. It caters to learners of all levels. This channel claims that it can teach you the language in a few minutes. You will start speaking in the language fluently with its help of it. It says that it is

“the fastest, easiest and most fun way to learn English.” 

This channel has everything that you might be thinking of or that you need to improve your English with the best lessons on writing, reading, and speaking English. 

Rachel’s English

Rachel is best for pronunciation improvement. If you are struggling with this zone then visit the channel now. Rachel is a trained classical singer. He is a pro at supporting and helping students to modify their way of moving their tongue and mouth to pronounce different words and even the sounds that they are unfamiliar with. 

Rachel focuses primarily on American English. If you have doubts and issues with American English or if you don’t understand the accent and pronunciation of Americans, this is the best choice for you. You need to visit the channel soon and start practising the language. 

VOA Learn English

VOA stands for Voice of America. It is focused on American English and pronunciation. English grammar, idioms, and meanings are taught in this channel. They provide the best learning and claim to let you speak in minutes. 

They are the professional teachers who guide you immensely through their channels. You can visit it to explore and learn everything. 

Speak English with Duncan

Mister Duncan provides the best videos by putting his soul and heart into the content. Everyone says that his infectious and charming demeanour and excellent sense of humour give the visitors a great impact on learning. 

The videos are available from a few minutes to 2 hours. His videos are quite long and lasting. Live videos are also available on the channel to help the candidates get full knowledge about English with sessions. 

Easy English

Do you want to know how people in the UK speak? This channel is a part of Easy Languages. On this channel, people on the streets have chit-chat with the interviewers. 

So, the students can hear the conversation of the people. People speak UK English and all kinds of English aspects come before the people when they see people communicating with each other. Therefore, it is a great learning tool for all students. 

YouTube Channels

#1. Nas Daily– Nusseir Yasin or Nas Daily had a 1000-day challenge wherein he made 1 video every day for 1000 continuous days. He has travelled across the globe and spoken about his experiences and perspectives. 

And the best part? These videos are just 1-minute videos. He uses simple language and talks a lot about socio-cultural issues of many places and gives great perspectives to ponder upon. 

#2.Geography Now– These YouTube channels come under the category of infotainment wherein they entertainingly give information. Geography now makes concepts of Geography very interesting and will also improve your knowledge about concepts and language.

#3.Vitamin Stree– This is an Indian channel which talks a lot about social issues that affect men and women. They also use stop-motion animation which makes the videos all the more interesting. 

#4. Anupama Chopra– Anumapa Chopra is a movie reviewer and critic and as others infamously known as the ‘female version of Sashi Tharoor’. You may or may not agree with her movie reviews but you must check out her videos to learn new phrases and great sentence structures. 

#5. Urban Fight– Taskeen Fatima or as her YouTube channel is popularly known as- The Urban Fight is an Indian YouTuber wherein she talks about several topics and gives many recommendations. She gives her opinions, recommendations, and perspectives about English, Communication, Stock Market and Politics for beginners, etc. 

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Several studies and our own experiences have proved that audio-visual mediums are more beneficial when it comes to learning something. When you read a book you just imagine the words and try to make sense of it but when you study from YouTube or other online tutorials then you exactly understand the pronunciation, sentence structure, and concepts in audio-visual format. 

You can use the given English-speaking courses, the best YouTube channel for English speaking, the youtube channel for English speaking, and the English fluency course to boost your English learning and touch greater heights in the language. Well, language can make or break a person. If you are good at communicating, people love to talk to you but if you don’t speak effectively, nobody wants to come in contact and have a conversation. 

Language can make your worth and put you in a higher cloud. If you have seen people speaking or writing fluently, you must have thought for once that I too can speak like that. If yes, you are not far away from your dream because we are right here to help you. 

Expert guidance plays a very crucial role in your learning and you can get the best experts and professionals on Fluent Life. The articles are written and posted by the experts on the website. 

These articles have exponential knowledge to grow your learning. You can also download and visit the Fluent life application which is present on your play store. It is friendly for both Android and iOS. You can learn efficiently with the help of the lectures and be excellent in English.