Sumit is extremely grateful to Fluent life and believes that it has helped him a lot especially in coming out of his shell and enabling him to overcome his fear of talking in public

He expresses his gratitude to his mentor saying,

“During lockdown, you (my mentor) and your classes have been a great companion, your every new assignment always makes me excited to go the extra mile. I especially loved how you always were so creative while discussing the topics and how you always relate them with real-life scenarios to make them more logical, and I must say, be it news anchoring, role-playing, rapid-fire, all these activities were always fun and time really flies in your class. One more thing I really appreciate is how you have always been so supportive and flexible with my odd office timings and once you were there even at 10.30 PM so that I won’t miss my class. “It’s the teacher that makes the difference, not the classroom”- with this quote I must say you are a wonderful person and wish you all the best.”