In today’s employment and professional market, the resume, as well as CV, has risen to the top of the list of requirements sought by potential employers and HRs.

An employer wants to meet you on paper or a digital copy before investing important time in an interview or any other rounds. The way you present your CV, biodata and resume to that employer or HR can and will make all the difference.

You can’t compete without a resume, and a CV will swiftly exclude you before you even have a chance to show and compete. That is why it is critical to have a strong resume or any other work that the HR needs that effectively communicates what you can achieve for businesses.

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Why are Resumes so Important?

It gets you ready for the interview. When interviewing you, most employers will utilise your data as a guide. Many of the comments you made in your resume will be asked to be explained in detail.

You will be more organised as a result of this. Making a résumé forces you to evaluate and understand your abilities. As a result, you’ll be able to assess the wide range of job and employment opportunities available to you. It will also assist you in developing a successful job search strategy.

It gives you a feeling of safety. It’s a good idea to keep updated data on email on hand at all times. You never know when you’ll feel the need to look for a better job or just a change. It’s also a good idea to keep your resume, CV and biodata updated and available in case you lose your job or recruitment unexpectedly.

Resume Importance

To Brand Yourself

In today’s professional world, it’s critical to establish your brand, and this journey begins after you graduate from college and complete your education. When you first start working in a professional environment, you must get things right from the start.

It is vital to have professionally prepared data that may portray you as a good professional or an emerging professional who is ready to confront this demanding world to exhibit your experience, knowledge, expertise, abilities, and accomplishments.

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Strong Resume

It is critical to have strong data when looking for work but make sure it is only the resume. Make it easy to read for a recruiter by not making it too sophisticated or full of jargon.

Also, when sending your email to a recruiter, keep in mind that you should either send the email or soft copy alone or at the very least attach the cover letter. Unless specifically requested, do not include or attach a letter of recommendation, copies of your academic transcripts, a reference letter, or anything else.

Resume Writing

Effective Resume Writing Tips

It is skimmed in 30 seconds on average by an employer. You want them to see that you are qualified and the best one for the job right away.

Make that there are no errors in spelling or punctuation. It’s a good idea to have someone else look it over as well, a friend or your family member. A simple spelling error on a resume, CV or biodata can give the employer the wrong impression. It may even make you ineligible or may give a negative impact on the position.

Make your most recent experience the focal point of your data. Older employment and experience should be decreased or eliminated if they are more than 17 years old. This allows the employer to concentrate on more pertinent facts.


Many times, we plan and execute something, even succeeding in our quest, but after some time, perhaps a year or so, we tend to forget about it. We are aware of the present problems and are attempting to address them.

So, if you have an excellent resume or CV, you will recall everything you’ve done and accomplished throughout your professional career. If you keep upgrading your resume, CV and biodata whenever you move jobs or join a new firm, anytime you have a new project, new role, or a new team to manage, it will happen.

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