Mohammad is a third year B tech student who needed a lot of effort in his English Speaking skill. He was enrolled with us for Speaking course. His trainer Ms. Indira told us how he had problems initially and could not cope up. But later, his efforts helped him achieve his proficiency over the language.

Mr. Mohammad Arif

Let us look at what his trainer has to say about his performances.
Also, we got in touch with Mohammad who told us about his experiences with working with TheFluentLife. He proudly mentioned that his  Speaking skill has been tremendously improved and he is happy about his results. So, He told us he lacked on low confidence due to his poor English Speaking skill.
It has become tremendously important in today’s generation to be well proficient with the English language. So, one should avoid low confidence in Speaking.
Here’s an audio of Mohammad on his experience with The Fluent Life.
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