Putting up a testimonial for Jigna who is our student from last 3 months. Jigna belongs to Bhavnagar, Gujarat. Jigna was looking out for something in English communication that helps her built her confidence. She stumbled upon TheFluentLife’s English training course and decided to try her chance at English communication. Now that she has completed her course, she is happy about her results and wishes to express her gratitude to her trainer.  Jigna is a private employee who is looking out to write an IELTS.

Ms. Jigna Vyas.

Let us look at what Jigna has to say.

‘My name is Jigna Vyass. I stay in Gujarat at bhavnagar which is a small place near the capital city of Gujarat.
 I have done  7 to 8 classes of spoken English in my city since last few years but none of them helped.
So, I joined UFABER before one month . I found this website on my own. I decided to do this as it was 1 month course for 30 minutes and I found it very interesting because it takes only 30 minute a day . So, I still had a lot of time in hand.
I did these classes with Indira Ma’am. She is a very kind and calm lady who helped me out immensely. So, even with my wrong grammar, she always allowed me to speak up first, and then correct me ahead.  She always encouraged me to speak in English as much as I can.
I got many tips for my fluency in English communication.After doing this class I can tell you that this is the class where I have learned English communication correctly without memorizing. All this was possible because of the exercise which I have practiced in my every session .
I would like to thank TheFluentLife team and ms. Indira Ma’am for helping  me to built my confidence. Of course, I have a long way ahead but these small steps are definitely leading me to the path of success.’
Her trainer mentions that Jigna has a zest to learn and can understand very easily what ever is taught.’
Thank you Jigna for sharing your experience with us! We are glad we could help you out.

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