Business Communication Course

A Focused course intended to Level-Up your Business Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Professional Profile Building

Email Communication

Business Writing

Persuasive Communication

Spoken Fluency

Expression of Ideas

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Here is the Deal that will take your English Communication to the next Level!

Course Duration
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What time can I take classes?

This is a personal trainer led program and you can choose the time of the classes as per your schedule between 7 AM and 10 PM.

Can I pay in Installments?

Yes, you can pay in two installments. If you have a credit card, you can get 6 to 12 months EMI plan as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What benefit or change I can expect through this Program?

If you commit yourself fully to this Course, it will make you people’s person. You will love interacting and spending time with people. You will have more effective and fruitful interactions. You will learn a lot from new experiences and hence crave for more them. In other words, this Course will make you a highly confident, thoughtful and outgoing version of yourself.

What is the role of the Personal Mentor?

You must notice the training you are receiving is not a subject like mathematics or biology, but a combination of complex life skills. Each student has different pace of learning, different weaknesses and different sparks. You need a mentor to identify your personality, your individual weak areas and thus treat you completely differently from the guy who sits next to you in your class or office .

What are the training mechanisms used?

Summit program works on 4 formats of learning. Instruction, Application, Interaction and Remedial.

To briefly explain,

1)  to learn new concepts, you would need instruction, which we provide in the form of videos.

2) To imbibe and acquire skills you need to practice them or apply them. For this we provide you activities and mini projects.

3) The analysis, feedback and extension of what you learn and acquire happens through intense interaction with your mentor or guide.

4)This you get through live sessions or classes. And lastly as a result of the analysis your shortcomings or weaknesses are worked on using remedial drills and exercises.

How is the curriculum customised?

When we say customized curriculum, it is a natural result of your live session experience with your personal mentor. Your mentor will change the flow of what you study, what activities you do, what remedies you work on the next day based on how did you find your most recent activities. While customizing the curriculum for you the personal trainer would keep in mind your liking, your shortcomings and  your strengths

What if I want to extend my program?

If you feel like extending the course and are proud of how much you have improved your communication, many options are available. You can contact us or your trainer and we will provide you the best options for extension available.

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