The Fluent Life pedagogy is unique

Keeping students at the center gives guaranteed results, and ends with a Fluent Life 🙂

Diagnosis and “Language profile”

-We will start with your detailed diagnosis and create your “language profile”
-Your “Language profile” tells where you stand today and what is the gap between you and your goal
-This Language profile will then be used to customize your course study plan

Daily Private classes

-You are trained using private classes taken in video format
-Your classes are planned, managed and conducted by a highly qualified language trainer
-Your class experience is highly interactive, remedial and insightful

Flipped classroom

-Highly personalized modern pedagogy that has 3 parts
-Pre-Class, Private class and Project
-World class content and technology enables real flipped class experience

Speaking Mocks and Roleplaying

-Speaking Mocks ensure you get regular speaking practice
-Mock interviews, mock debates are instrumental in spoken fluency
-Every mock is supported by in depth analysis and remedial

Improvement tracking

Every single second you spend on our content system is metered
Expect the most exhaustive performance analysis and progress report


Fluent Life

Your course is aimed at developing a lifestyle of English learning

Through this course you will discover yourself, learn to express your opinions, find your reading and make it a part of your life

Fluent life is a lifestyle, once in fluent life, always in fluent life

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