For Individuals For Business MasterClasses FluentLife App Resume +


For Individuals For Business MasterClasses FluentLife App Resume +

Career Hike package

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Skyrocket yourself to a Guaranteed Job in 3 months 

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Program Features

Take a free demo with a mentor to understand
why Fluent Life

Our recipe for your success - The 5:1 personalisation formula

Primary Placement consultant - Profiling and placement expert takes your file from today to the day 1 of your job
Soft skills Faculty- Takes 1:1 classes to ensure you meet the highest standards of Business communication in all your interactions
Resume Faculty- Perfects your Resume Linkedin Profile and Cover letter
Interview preparation faculty- Takes exptensive 1:1 training for all multiple interview rounds and makes your super confident for the trickiest of interview formats
Hard skills mentor- Takes mock session to ensure your domain specific interview is flawless

How does Hike work

You are assigned dedicated Placement expert and trainers
Your profile undergoes in-depth diagnosis
Your shortcomings and career blocks are identified
Expert prepare a 3 month transformation roadmap
We run a dedicate Job hunting and placement drive for you
You walk with an offer

What will you learn

Primary Placement consultant

Soft skills Faculty

Resume Faculty

Interview preparation faculty

Hard skills mentor

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