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Interview Readiness Program

32 students enrolled

The most definitive and rigorous conditioning program for those who are looking to crack difficult interviews. 

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Program Features

Take a free demo with a mentor to understand
why Fluent Life

Customized Curriculum

Creating Personal brand
Resume Building
Interview Process
Training on top Interview Questions
Confidence Building

Live 1:1 Classes

Certified Mentor
Interactive speaking practice
Mock Interview Sessions
Remedial practice on weak areas

Exclusive AI Personality Bots

Esha - The Etiquette guide
Christian D - The Style Guru
George- The Grammarian
Falak - The Fashionista

Custom made Masterclasses

What will you learn

Business Acumen


Problem Solving


Clarity in Expressing ideas

Workplace Scenarios

Resume Building

Interview Challenges

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Course Packages

Take a free demo with a mentor to understand
why Fluent Life

Interview Preparation

Personal Mentor

100 Weeks 25 Private Classes

100 Weeks 25 Masterclasses

25 Weeks Community Access

25 Weeks AI Bot Access

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20+ personalities to practice conversations with

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