Well, those who are here in search of the answer to the question: what is the synecdoche figure of speech? You will feel immensely great to read this article ahead. The definition, explanation, and synecdoche examples are given in this article. Well, you must be aware of the synecdoche figure of speech. It comes from the Greek word meaning simultaneous understanding.

Moreover, synecdoche is a type of figurative speech used as attaching a human characteristic to a non-human object. A few good examples for synecdoche include the substitution of “bling” for jewellery or “boots” for soldiers. Let’s gain every information about this speech along with the prominent examples.

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What is the Synecdoche Figure of Speech?

Do you want to know the synecdoche meaning? Let’s grab it here. A synecdoche is a member of the figurative language family. You can learn it easily with the examples given below.

The synecdoche is an odd word for what is simply using part of a whole to represent the whole. For instance, if you are still confused about the usage of synecdoche, the phrase, “Check out my new wheels,” you can see that “wheels” is an example of synecdoche used to refer to a “car.”

Also, a part of a car (its wheels) is used to represent the car as a whole in this example. You should review a few common synecdoche examples that can help clarify the meaning of synecdoche.

Synecdoche in a Sentence

After understanding the meaning and functions of synecdoche, now it’s time to know how to use this figure of speech in sentences.

#1. This figure of speech can be used in classical literature. It is most often used as a form of symbolism that references a group by using a single noun.

#2. A famous figure of speech for the pirate ship is black sail. The example is, “Instead of referring to each coin, merchants employed a synecdoche for all money by calling it silver”.

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Synecdoche Figure of Speech

The synecdoche examples are given below. Let’s have a look.

#1. To Represent a Whole Part

#. The phrase “hired hands” can be used to refer to workers.

Example: The farmer needed to bring on some hired hands.

#. The word “head” can refer to counting cattle or people.

Example: What’s the headcount for next week’s party?

#. The word “bread” can be used to represent food.

Example: I’m looking forward to breaking bread with you.

#. The word “wheels” refers to a vehicle. Example: Let’s take my new wheels out for a spin.

#  The word “boots” refers to soldiers.

Example: We need to get boots on the ground to help with the recovery effort.

#. The word “bubbly” refers to champagne, though bubbles are only one aspect of the beverage.

Example: Pour me a glass of bubbly.

#2. Whole Synecdoche Used as a Part

#. People often use “the movies” to refer to a single movie at a particular theatre.

Example: Do you want to go to the movies this weekend?

#  If “the world” is not treating you well, you’re really only referring to certain parts that you’ve encountered.

Example: I feel like the world is out to get me.

#. The word “police” can be used to represent individual officers versus the entire police force.

Example: The police were at my neighbor’s house last night.

#. The word “friends” can be used to refer only to certain individuals rather than everyone a person one considers friends. Example: I went out to dinner with my friends.

#. When people say they were interviewed by a publication, but they were really interviewed by a specific reporter.

Example: I was interviewed by Forbes.

#  The word “alumni” is used to refer to all of the graduates of a school, but it is also often used to refer to just a few.

Example: The alumni visited campus last week.

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#3. To Represent a Whole Through Class

#. Some people refer to all varieties of carbonated beverages as “Coke,” even though it’s a specific brand name and flavour.

Example: I’m thirsty; I sure need a Coke.

#. Sometimes we refer to the United States as “America” when the “Americas” actually includes all of North America, South America, and Central America.

Example: I live in America.

#. Many people refer to all facial tissues by the brand name “Kleenex,” even though there are many other brands.

Example: Does anyone have a Kleenex?

#. “Milk” is commonly used to refer to cow’s milk when there are many sources of milk, such as goats’ milk or oat milk.

Example: What is this on my cereal? I asked for milk!

#. Many people use the brand name “Band-Aid” to refer to any type of adhesive bandages.

Example: I need a Band-Aid for this cut on my finger.

#. The word “Styrofoam” is generally used to refer to any bit of polystyrene, but it is a brand name.

Example: Why is there so much Styrofoam in this shipping package?

#4. To Refer to a Material

#. All cutlery is commonly referred to as “silverware,” though most of it does not contain silver.

Example: Will you bring some plastic silverware to the picnic?

#. People often refer to credit cards and debit cards as “plastic,” which is a component used to make them.

Example: Do you have any cash? No, but I have plastic.

#. The word “ivories” is often used to denote piano keys, which is a component that used to be commonly used to make them.

Example: I love to tickle the ivories.

#. When a golfer plays with their “woods” they are referring to their longest golf clubs, which used to be crafted from actual wood.

Example: I’m looking forward to trying out my new woods on the links.

#. Bullets are sometimes referred to as “lead,” which is an ingredient still commonly used in making bullets.

Example: The target has been peppered with lead.

#. Good ol’ fashioned newspapers are referred to as “papers,” which is what they are printed on.

Example: I can’t wait to read the funny papers.

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Therefore, we hope that the explanation and examples have helped you to gain potential knowledge about this figure of speech. It is highly important to know about different speeches in English to use them correctly when required to make your mark in the other person’s mind.

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