Soni has successfully managed to overcome her fears and gain a new confidence through TheFluentlife. Soni has been a part a part of TheFluentlife from last one and a half year. When we interacted with Soni, she told us how once, she used to face inferiority complex due to her low confidence in speaking English. Soni first stepped into Perfect English course where her grammar was sharpened. Later, she joined the IELTS Training. In her IELTS Training, she went through four session training of Writing , Listening, Speaking and Reading.


Under her Perfect English Course, she went through the three levels, Basic, Elementary and Advanced. Her scores were perfect and she came out as a very confident person. Also, Her mistakes were corrected and her fluency sharpened. Her personality improvised and of course it helped  her in her academic courses too.
Soni’s trainer was Vanita at  TheFluentlife and she helped her in improvising her skills. We questioned Vanita on Soni and here’s what she said.
‘Soni was a wonderful student to teach,full of enthusiasm and zeal to learn and experiment.It was a great experience for me to to teach and guide her.She made an effort to read English books and ask me the meaning of new words and phrases that she would come across and then use them while speaking,a highly motivated student.’
Soni’s response and experience with TheFluentlife  has been recorded in the form of an audio and I am attaching it here.
Soni, We wish you good luck for your admissions and further endevours too.