Lalita is one of our student who was enrolled with us for English communication course. Lalita is based in Varanasi and is a teacher for secondary level. She has been a part a part of TheFluentlife from two and a half months.

Ms. Lalita

So when we interacted with Lalita, she told us how it used to become difficult for her to express and communicate with her peers. She was strongly looking out for something which helps her up in her Speaking abilities. But, now she’s able to reciprocate back to the conversations without any hesitation.
Aishwarya trained Lalita at TheFluentlife and she helped her in improvising her skills. So, Lalita is majorly  thankful to her trainer for being the person she was. Also,for helping her and guiding her out thoroughly and for helping her gain a new confidence.
Henceforth, Lalita wishes to strongly recommend TheFluentLife’sEnglish communication course to everyone who needs improvisation with their skills.
We are putting up an audio in Lalita’s words on what she has to say about her English communication at TheFluentLife.

Thank you Lalita . We are glad we could help you out. Now, like Lalita, even you can also prepare for your English Learning through TheFluentLife.