Do you have a dream to speak fluent and error-free English? Do you want to make your mark in the minds of others? Don’t you think you can make an amazing impact in the minds of others by speaking proficiently? Well, it is a dream for everyone. Whenever you see a person speaking fluently in a language, especially in English, it always comes to the head that we can also speak similarly. 

If your profession or work requires you to write to a great extent or if you’re a blogger whose articles have to speak for themselves, then using online grammar tools is an inevitable part of your routine. Nobody will take you or your articles seriously if they have typos or grammatical errors. 

Perfect sentence structure and syntax not only make you sound professional but also puts out the message of your content clearly and concisely. It is professional and more ethical to use correct grammar in the sentences that you are writing or speaking. 

Also, by wrong Grammar, your sentences can show different meanings. So, grammar also helps in making you meaningful and worthy before everyone. Here are the top 5 free grammar checker tools that you can install for error-free writing. Let’s Dive into the article to get the best information about these amazing tools. 

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Grammar Tools to Use

Well, don’t you think about writing grammatically correct and perfectly styled content while speaking? If yes, then you need to have a look at these Grammar tools. Grammar errors shift your content towards the meaningless objective and it can affect you along with losing credibility. If you are writing something, bad grammar can kill the readers because of the mistakes and unclear meaning. These errors can push your listeners or readers towards discouragement to go ahead with the content. 

Moreover, the effectiveness and quality are maintained by grammar. So, you need to have a deep look at these amazing grammar tools that will help you not only to correct your grammar mistakes but also will suggest to you words, synonyms, and Grammar aspects use in your sentences wherever required. 

You can go flawless before everyone with these tools. So, don’t miss the chance to get perfect, influential, and quintessential. All your dreams will come true soon with these tools. You can begin easily with these tools as they are extremely convenient to use and effective to work. 

List of Amazing Tools to Use to Get Perfect at English

The list of the best 15 grammar tools is given below. Have a look at these tools to correct your grammar errors and be polished in using English sentences. These tools have helped millions of people and now, it’s your chance. So, if you want to master English and use effective language and its sentences before others, you can go through these grammar aids. The description of these tools is given right after the list. So, scroll down and get perfect. 

#. ProWritingAid

#. Grammarly

#. Linguix

#. WhiteSmoke

#. Ginger Online

#. LanguageTool

#. Outwrite

#. Online Correction

#. PaperRater

#. Writer

#. Hemingway App

#. Scribens

#. Slick Write


#. Virtual Writing Tutor

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Given the extensive advertising and marketing, Grammarly is one of the most famous grammar tools out there. It’s a basic plan which includes detecting spelling errors, writing styles, punctuations, and sentence structure completely free. It helps the writers to grow their impact on the readers. All professional writers find this tool handy and very effective in resolving all the errors. It is very easy to use and works to check spelling and grammar mistakes. It has a robust algorithm to scan all the writing errors. It also provides suggestions to improve the quality of content along with having an exceptional user interface. 

However, the advanced version costs $30 per month. This plan checks over 250 types of mistakes, detects plagiarism and provides suggestions. The best part about Grammarly is that unlike other tools it gives you the exact reason why your word and sentence structure needs to be replaced which proves to be beneficial for us to avoid mistakes in the future. You can go ahead to use this tool in three forms: Free, Premium plan, Business plan.


Ginger is another simple yet useful grammar tool. It corrects spellings, grammar, and contextual errors as and when you write it. It is a standard grammar tool that comes up with a translator with over 50 languages, a text reader, dictionary sentence rephrases,  and a personal trainer feature to help you enhance your English and grammar ethics knowledge.

However, it does not provide a reason for the change. It is available as a Google extension and can be used on CMS, WordPress, Facebook, and Gmail among others. For enhanced features and better proofreading, you will have to use Ginger Editor. It is an excellent tool to proofread your text as you are writing. 

It works to rephrase the content based on the corrections along with improving the style. It can translate your content into over 60 languages which is very beneficial. Above all, the most fascinating and effective thing about the tool is that it provides personalized practice sessions. These sessions are based on your writing.

Pro Writing Aid

Pro Writing Editor offers a grammar checker, style editor, and writing mentor in one package. It is a spelling and grammar checking tool. The suggestions provided by the tool make your content more effective in quality and clarity. It has Mac and Windows support. 

So, you can use it positively to correct your errors. It is one of the few grammar tools that offer varied and much-needed features like avoiding passive voice, repetitiveness, and vague words. There are 3 versions of this tool wherein the first one is free which allows 19 writing reports and editing 500 words at the same time. It also checks for plagiarism. 

The other paid versions contain 25 reports with no word limit. You can take this tool for help in three ways: Free, Premium, and Premium Plus. This will make your content readable and effective. 

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“There’s nothing to writing, all you need to do is sit at the typewriter and bleed”- Ernest Hemingway 

Well, what this Nobel prize winner forgot to mention in this famous quote is that we need to check our grammatical mistakes as well. This tool is a content quality checker and maker. You get the third-party integration and browser in this tool. 

Talking about examining every text and rating it by grade level, that’s when the grammar tool Hemingway comes into the picture. 

It is very effective with your content improvement. The best part of the tool is that it comes with an incorporated automated readability index technology which is very effective for all writers. Hemingway is a web-based text editor and checks readability, grammar, and spelling errors.

The paid version of it allows you to post directly on WordPress. Also, it can be used in both modes: offline and online. This is why this will prove to be amazingly advantageous for every writer. 

Language Tool 

What gives Language Tool an edge over other products is that it can not only correct grammatical errors in English but also in other 20+ languages. You can even maintain your private dictionary on the Language Tool. The free version offers 20,000 characters per check and the paid version offers 40,000+ characters with integration with other languages. 

In a nutshell, these tools are very crucial for you to proofread your articles and avoid errors before putting them out there for the world to read! Moreover, even after correcting your errors with the help of these tools, read your articles aloud to ensure that it has good readability. 

Another very important factor to remember is that you should know which type of English is accepted at your workplace, whether they use British or American English. If your workplace prefers British English, then even if Grammarly suggests ‘color’ instead of ‘colour’ do not go with that suggestion. Understand the difference between the words used in both types of English.

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Therefore, you can go through these grammar tools to get excellent with English. It is crucial to speak and write in perfect English with all the Grammar corrections because if you are wrong with grammar, none of your sentences can make the correct impact and meaning. 

Also, it is considered to be unacceptable, unprofessional, and unethical. Language should be perfect to let other people understand. We hope that this article has given you all the information to get better in terms of English and if you have any doubt or queries related to any element or aspect of English, you should visit the Fluent Life website. All the articles present on the site will prove to be magnificent for your growth. 

Moreover, the Fluent Life application has customized lectures that will help you to learn at your pace. You can learn, examine, practice, and execute English aspects with proficiency. The experts are always there to help you with their support and guidance on the site as well as the application. 

So, don’t search helter-skelter in search of English learning or Grammar tools when we are right here to support you. Be fluent before others and leave a great impression in the minds of the people. Let’s move ahead towards perfection!