Do you have fashion trends that you don’t like?

We’ve all hopped on the fashion bandwagon from time to time, experimenting with the latest styles and trends is a lot of fun! Especially when we find styles that suit us. Occasionally though, a new fashion trend may roll around that we’re not exactly comfortable with. In fact, sometimes we may really dislike the latest trends, there are a lot of trends that we’re glad have been abandoned. Have you ever wanted to talk about such trends?

Sometimes though, we all face problems when trying to accurately convey exactly what we’re trying to say.

Read on to learn exactly what to say, to make your conversational partner understand what is it that makes you dislike that particular fashion trend. Happy learning!

So, let’s start by taking a basic situation that all of us can relate to, and work from there.

*You and your friend are going to a party with the theme ‘Fashion From The Past’. You’re doing some internet surfing to see what you could wear, when you notice some really questionable fashion trends. You talk to your friend about how you’re glad such fashion trends don’t exist anymore*

Read on to find the overall flow, specific vocabulary, phrases, and expressions that can be used for an effective and fluent conversation on this topic. Right below is your guide to having an engaging conversation!

A conversation has specific phases that it goes through. Here is a quick look at we will teach you, to guarantee you a smooth conversation.   

Content : What is it that you are going to talk about?

Use the wh questions along with the keywords to help you put together the content.

  1. What is the old fashion trend? – Bell Bottom jeans, Ripped jeans, Crop tops etc.
  2. Who was seen wearing it? – Singer, Sportsperson, Actress etc.
  3. When was it popular? – Last year, In the 90’s etc.
  4. Why do you dislike it? – Doesn’t suit your body type, sense of style etc.
  5. Where did you come across this trend? – On TV, In a magazine, On YouTube etc.

Choosing Contextual Vocabulary

Choosing contextual vocabulary to suit the scenario you’re talking about can be very important when it comes to giving depth and clarity to what you’re trying to say, as well as piquing your partner’s attention. In this case, you’re talking about an old fashion trend.

Listed below are a few words and phrases that could come in handy while elaborating on the fashion trend.

  1. Style
  2. Model
  3. Type
  4. Cloth/Fabric
  5. Accessibility
  6. Price
  7. Quality
  8. Appearance
  9. Creativity
  10. Utility
  11. Critical
  12. Designer
  13. Frills
  14. A-line
  15. Collars

Similarly, given below are a few descriptive words and phrases that you could use to make your conversation more interesting!

  1. Changing styles
  2. Shifting trends
  3. Body type
  4. Limited accessibility
  5. Retro themes
  6. Decreased quality
  7. Over-the-top appearance
  8. Lacking creativity
  9. Devoid of utility
  10. Critically panned
  11. Designer samples
  12. Ornamental frills
  13. Plain A-line dresses
  14. Stiff collars
  15. Silky fabric

Organizing the Content : Putting it all together to create a comprehensive picture

Now that we know what to talk about and the words to use, let us put them in a logical order.

Initiate the conversation by bringing up the old trend

I came across this trend while surfing the internet, did you know men and women in the 90’s wore geometric patterned shirts?

Express your dislike over it

In my opinion, the mismatched mess of colours in geometric patterned shirts is truly an assault on the eye.

Say something about the trend – Here are five examples of things you could say

  1. Crop tops were all the rage back then, they were thought to be perfect for curvier body types.
  2. The popularity of converse shoes was at its peak in the 80’s, especially among young men.
  3. Remember last year? Ripped jeans were so famous, guys used to wear them everywhere.
  4. The single colour fad was started by Madonna back in the 2000’s, needless to say it was a disaster.
  5. The whole ‘denim on denim’ movement was started by accident. You should check it out, the story is on wikipedia.

Talk about why you like/dislike the trend

  1. Bell-bottoms weren’t made for people with larger body types, that’s why I don’t like them.
  2. Denim jackets are so expensive, I could never afford them
  3. In my opinion, Suspenders make men look very childish.
  4. The white dress trend was the worst because white clothes are so hard to maintain.
  5. I’m so glad men wear clothes that fit, back then they used to wear deliberately oversized clothing and it was awful!

You could end by asking your conversational partner what he/she thinks about the fashion trend

So, what do you think of Geometric-patterned shirts? Redeemable or Fashion Failure?

A model answer would be as follows

I came across this trend while surfing the internet, did you know men and women in the 90’s wore geometric patterned shirts? In my opinion, the mismatched mess of colours in geometric patterned shirts is truly an assault on the eye. Geometric-patterned shirts were famous in my parents’ time, although they’re quite out of date now. I could show you a picture if you want. Geometric-patterned shirts were usually made with no reference to the colour wheel. As a result, it just resulted in a random mix of too many colours that was honestly an eyesore. They also just generally look awful, I mean, I certainly wouldn’t wear them. So, what do you think of Geometric-patterned shirts? Would you wear them?