Mastering a new language is not a cakewalk as there are many obstacles that one has to overcome while learning and understanding the language properly. These obstacles are even more when the language is as critical as English. One of those many obstacles is how to remember the vocabulary?

Do many new learners struggle with how to remember English words? Well, memorizing new words is a huge obstacle in learning a new language but obviously not something impossible.

Many have a stronghold on English grammar, they even make sure that they learn new words every day but when it comes to using those new words, they just lose the battle. Does it sound similar? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

How to Remember Vocabulary Words Fast?

If you are concerned about how to memorize vocabulary fast? Then let be clear from the beginning. In order to memorize vocab words, you need to put some good amount of effort but hey, do not get scared! In this article you will get to know about some best ways to remember vocabulary words and definitions, so let’s begin the learning journey.

8 Best Ways to Remember Vocabulary Words and Definitions


No matter what language you are trying to learn, the best way to get hold of that language is to read. Reading exposes the reader to a wide and lavish world of vocabulary.

Readers are free to read whatever he/ she wants, be it a novel that they enjoy, a comic or even the newspaper. In order to learn and remember new words, the task has not to be boring, it can be done in a fun way too. There are endless reading opportunities on various online websites. The reader can choose their favourite piece and boost their language skills. This is a win-win situation for any reader as they learn about new things plus also improve their words.

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Memory Techniques

This is a mental shortcut and one of the best ways to memorize vocabulary words which are not even so easy. Learners can create associations between words. To memorize vocab words in one night, one can even come up with acronyms like when he/ she needs to go to the STORE to buy Spinach, Tomatoes, Orange, Rolls, Eggs. Byt here also one has to remember the acronym but with regular practice, one can come up with useful and creative connections. Creating and practising more and more acronyms is one of the best ways to memorize vocabulary words.

Learning Environment

It is observed that people tend to learn languages faster when they are surrounded by people who speak in that particular language. Now, to learn English, one can get hold of it faster if he/ she can go to an environment where he/ she will always hear and read in that language. But this is not always possible, so what the learner can do is creating a learning environment. The learner can surround him/ herself with English books, can get indulged in English movies and can even try some good English podcasts.

Use in Sentences

It’s amazing that you have learned a good amount of new words and even made a list of those words, but, what is the result of so much effort if you can not use those properly? So if you are wondering how to memorize words quickly? then putting that listed word in context is the best way to memorize vocabulary words. By practising this you can see the usage of those words in real-life conversations.

Be Creative

It’s easier to remember things which are not so usual or weird than things which are boring. Relating a new word to something funny or bizarre will help the learner to picture the word in a better way thus helping in memorizing the word.

For instance, the word ‘banal’ can be remembered easily if the learner can picture a banana peel that might be floating on a canal. Whenever the learned will think about this, he/ she would be able to remember the term ‘banal’.

Solve Crosswords

This is an old but super effective method for memorizing vocab words in one night. There are daily crosswords given in the newspapers. Learners can simply grab a copy of English daily and start solving the crossword.

This practice is one of the best ways to remember vocabulary words and definitions as while solving the puzzle one has to understand the meaning well.

Word Games

Even though crossword puzzles are available in newspapers, there’s a chance that someone might miss it or it can be hard for people to carry a newspaper every time and solve the crossword puzzle while in transport. Well, there’s a solution for this too. There are plenty of word puzzle games available in the Android/ Ios play store, once can simply open that and download some of the top-rated games.

These types of games are usually very interesting as well as challenging. With each level, these games challenge the user with difficult words and this process keeps on going as the player clears the levels.


This is another great way to remember new words and their definitions fast and easy. It is a good practice to write the new words on a small card along with its definition on the back. For memorizing vocab words in one night or in a short period of time, one can easily go through these flashcards several times a day.

There are even some mobile apps for this. One can download those apps and access those flashcards whenever he/ she wants.


Everyone’s learning technique is different. It is very much possible that which method is working for you is not showing much progress when someone else is doing that. So it is always important to find out which way works best for you.

Try the above mentioned different ways to remember vocabulary words and definitions and also try in combination like try solving crosswords and also read books, and see which works well for you. Hopefully, this article will be helpful for you to learn the best way to memorize vocabulary words. Do share your thoughts about it by commenting in the below box.

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