Friends are someone wit whom you can share all your problems. This often happens when you have met a really old friend you go blank. It is difficult to communicate with such a person. With friends, you do not have to communicate formally. How should you communicate with fluency in English? What kind of conversation can happen? There is an example which will clear all your doubts.

Fluent Life- Conversation between friends

Fluent Life- Conversation between friends

Read the conversation carefully.

The conversation is in a Cafe. They are meeting for breakfast.
(If you are meeting a colleague or a business partner. Refer the Do not say)
Raj: Hi, Wassup (Say: Hello, How are you?)
(An alternative: Hello, How are you?)
Abhishek: I think it’s a bad day for me.
(An alternative: The start of the day was so bad.)
Raj: Why? What happened the day has just started.
(An alternative: What happened morning, morning?)
Abhishek: Bro, I forgot my wallet at home.  (Do not say: Bro)
(Do not say: Bro)
Raj: How did you reach here then?
Abhishek: Don’t ask, I had to ask someone for a lift.
(An alternative: I had no other option but asking for a lift.)
Raj: Seriously? Did you get one?
(An alternative: Oh damn! Did you get a lift then?)
Abhishek: Fortunately, yes! I saw my colleague on the way.
(An alternative: I saw my colleague on the way,  he gave me a lift)
Raj: That’s great.  Lucky.
Abhishek: Yes, Or else today it would surely be a long morning walk.
(An alternative: If I wouldn’t have got a lift. I had to walk so long.)
Raj: Hahaha! Now have a seat you have reached safely.
(An alternative: Have a seat you must be tired.)

Test your Comprehension.

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If you were Abhishek, what would you do?

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