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Industry experts Opinions on communication Skills

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CNBC talks about how Communication is THE most important skill that will get you hired

As per Forbes , one of the most important aspect recruiters look for in your Linkedin profile is how good your Written communication skill is, how well you express yourself

CEO of Linkedin, Jeff Weiner says that  interpersonal communications is unfortunately a job skill that many employees lack in.

What is the consistent message that is being conveyed here?

That Communication, Interpersonal Skills, People Skills- however you may refer to it, is the what Corporates are looking for in potential hires.

Boost your Career Value with this ONE skill.

Back in 2009 Warren Buffett while addressing Business Students at Columbia University said that mastering the art Communication is the single greatest skill to boost ones career. The dividends on the investment you make by sharpening your communication skills will pay off for the rest of your career.

Magic Formula for Success : The Big C

INDRA NOOYI, CEO of PepsiCo, says that you can never “over invest” in communication skills – both written and oral. Clear Communication skills will get you across your passion and vision and will put you across as a strong asset for the company.

Lack of Interpersonal skills can get you on the firing line

Shiv Khera, the renowned corporate trainer, said, “We are hired for our technical skills, but fired for the lack of soft skills”. The culture of a company is on the foundation of these very skills.

Communication : Building Block of Success

Linda Celestino, vice president of guest services at Etihad Airways. Says that Communication as basic concept it may seem, is actually quite deep and impactful. Communication, when used to build relationships—whether in a team environment, between a company , client,  customer, or in our daily lives—drives every negotiation, whether it’s monetary, professional, or personal. The greatest world leaders and the most successful people have made a place for themselves where they are powerful to be heard, respected and followed.

Power of Communication- Power of ideas

Nancy Duarte who is the author of some famous books including Illuminate: Ignite Change Through Speeches, Stories, Ceremonies and Symbols says that an Idea is powerless if it stays inside you. She compares Communication with that of sailing ship. When sailing, boat has to be moved back and forth to combat the wind resistance. That is what is called “ Capturing the wind”. Similarly,  the speaker has to “capture” the attention of the listener by showing them what is in it for them. This is precisely what a good communicator tries to do all the time, be it during an interview, or a business deal, or while building relations with employees or clients.

Communication : Highlighting value in others

Billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson stresses the importance of developing strong interpersonal skills. He claims that one of the most important skill set he developed in his career is the art of working with others. Communicating is not about just talking. It is about listening. It is about making other people feel that they are important and seeing the value in their ideas and what they have to offer.

Art of Persuasive Communication : A subject of study centuries back

Aristotle came up with a scientific approach to communicating persuasively way back in 4th Century BC. Ethos-Pathos-Logos Approach is used for persuading audience to agree with the speaker using facts, data and logic. To think that the communication was scientifically studied eons ago is an indication of how important a skill it is.

Non Verbal Communication Skills

Oprah Winfrey created a revolution in 1980s with her unique style of communication. Crying, laughing, gasping , showing empathy of any kind  during a talk show was unheard of. She was known to have a “talent for putting her finger on America’s pulses.

That is how powerful communication can get. Where words are not exchanged, not spoken and yet one can make a world of difference.

Why Fluent Life?

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The overall objective of our curriculum is for students to communicate effectively confidently in every given situation. At fluent life we thrive to create a culture of “Thinking and Learning” which allows students to deepen their understanding of the English Language.

Our Pedagogy

Fluent Life is not a regular Spoken English Class where students are taught grammar, sentence structure , conjunction or punctuation.

Our innovative approach to teaching English communication skill focuses on these important building blocks which will equip students to become lifelong confident communicators.

Personal Mentor to Enhance your Communication Skill : A Communication coach does for the rest of your life what your fitness trainer does for your health.

Let us see how having a Mentor through this journey helps.

Experiential Learning

Communication, a very vital skill is more effective if there is an intervention at the right time.Experiential learning through meaningful interaction,  discussion, argument makes the learning more effective. 

Not many realize that a mentor or a coach can make a difference not only in the way you express yourself but also to the whole approach on communication as a soft skill.

Customized Study Plan

Planning is the basic requirement for success in Learning anything. Many students fail because of not being able to plan for their Learning Outcome/Goal. Your Personal Mentor will be responsible for developing a detailed study plan based on your needs. It is continuously customized iteratively by the mentor to ensure that the student covers all important topics during the course.

Active Discussion

It is natural to have doubts while learning anything new, this is where Personal Mentor comes in. Each student is paired with a Mentor/Trainer who provides doubt solving support as well as ensures adherence to the study plan so the student can complete the curriculum well within time.

Frequency of classes : Fits in your everyday schedule

We realize how challenging it can get if you have to attend college, work and also these classes regularly.

Frequency and timing of our classes are designed to seamlessly fall in your everyday schedule. Our expert language trainers schedule  classes everyday for just 30 mins. These classes will have small, measurable goals that helps the student stay disciplined. These small goals for each class also helps then get back on track if they happen to miss any of the classes.

Weekly assessments to help improve your English

Application of Knowledge  is the ultimate test of learning. Carefully and meticulously created Assessment and Evaluation tests, conducted at predefined intervals of the study plan accomplish this. If any gaps in Knowledge/Learning are found the concept/strategy needs to be given more attention and practice.Students receive constructive feedback from their personal communication coach in every stage of the learning process.

Value Based Pricing

The cost of our classes are a nominal : Rs 160 per day, which works out to 10,000 for 10 weeks

And that is all it takes to communicate confidently in English with Fluent Life. Let us compare this to other English Communication classes. And this is how it looks –

Rs 3500 for 1 month (one class per week)

Rs 100 for one hour

Rs 5000 for 15 classes

If you do the math, none of these fees will fall under Rs 160 per day, which is what we offer.