6 Ways To Speaking Fluent English in the less than 3 months

By October 22, 2018Blog

Who doesn’t want to speak fluent English , sound and look confident. How to speak fluent English is probably the most searched query on google. And of course internet is rife with self help articles, videos and suggestions.

Ask yourself these questions-

Are these resources helping you?
Do you exactly know where you lack?
Are your efforts helping you target your weakness?
Have you established clear cut action points to convert these weaknesses into your strengths?

A “No” to most of these questions indicate that you are not on the right track.

So what is missing? You have put in a lot of effort and there is a desire to learn and improve.

The missing link here is –  ” HAVING A PERSONAL COACH”

Who is a Personal Communication Coach?
He is –
a) Someone who can has a clear understanding of what is lacking and can guide accordingly.
b) Someone who can give an aerial view on how things look from a different & fresh perspective.

Communication is a subject that cannot be self learnt. The ability to communicate effectively is harder than solving a math problem and is a skill that many lack in.

Breakdown in the communication process can hinder your progress in ways that you can’t imagine. Let us look at various scenarios here

Collaboration & Team-Work
Kiran was brought into the company at a lead level. Along with managing a team of 5 members , she had to interact with several departments within her company as well as with global clients. Moving from a completely technical and domain specific role to a role where she had to balance , manage and develop relationship was proving challenging to her. She knew her subject well and could guide her team in every technical aspect that they came across. She realized that being a subject knowledge expert is not enough. She was failing when it came to communicating with different stakeholders. During the performance review time, her manager gave her the feedback that she was expecting. She needs to improve her communication skills.
Self-Esteem & Confidence
Rahul’s parents have been noticing a change in behavior ever since he started with college. They assumed that business school’s hectic schedule is the reason behind his mood swings. It took some time for them to get to know the truth. Rahul felt left behind in college. He was not able to relate to any of his group of friends Sometimes, he was even subjected to bullying. His low self-esteem and low confidence levels did not help improve the situation.

What do you think is common between Kiran & Rahul. Why, Yes !! Failure to communicate effectively.

Communication Skills Are Teachable
The good news is that communications skills are not something that you necessarily are born with. The elements that make up a sound set of communication skills are definitely teachable.

Personalized Learning Environment with a Communication Coach
Learning to speak English is best learnt in a highly personalized one on one environment where the coach actively engages with the student in a customized manner.

Read on to understand how important it is to invest in a communication coach who can partner with you to enhance your English communication skills and ensure you communicate fluently in less than 3 months.

These are the ways a coach can make all the difference –

1. Reflection–Observation-Application Model of Coaching

Your communication coach will be your external eyes and ears- a guiding force who will help you reflect and observe critically on aspects that you need work on.

He will partner with you to apply what you have learnt in your real life. He plays an important role in helping you understand who you are and helps you face any kind of situation by :

Focusing on “You”
A coach will have meaningful conversations with you and give you an opportunity to focus on yourself and your areas of improvement. Amidst the chaos of the busy life, most of us forget to focus on “US”. A coach will force us to pause, think and move along the right direction before a flaw turns fatal.

Uncovering your Blind Spots
A communication coach will help you give an objective and accurate picture of where you need to improve. He will help uncover your weak spots which you never knew of.

Breaking the Bad Habit of Bad communication
Communicating ineffectively can be termed as a bad habit that is deeply rooted in you. A coach is instrumental in breaking this habit.  He teaches new improved ways of having conversations that will eventually form an Integral part of who you are.

2. Goal Setting and Action Steps – A coach will enable you to carve the space in your life for your communication goals. With the help of a coach you can break down goals into smaller, achievable & measurable goals

3. Goal Progress Vs Goal Commitment – Having a private coach helps you stay on track. A weekly status update “Goal Call” with your coach on the progress of your goals will ensure you are disciplined and committed.

4. Conflicting and Multiple goals – A complex process like communication will have conflicting goals, each having its own importance.
What do we mean by this? Let’s us take Rahul’s example :

Rahul was getting a lot of negativity from his friends. One of the feedback that the coach gave him was to ignore these comments. At the same time, to increase his effectiveness in communication, Rahul had to get feedback from people around him. These are obviously two conflicting tasks. With the help of his coach, Rahul learnt to filter out the comments based on what is constructive and will help him develop vis-à-vis those which will have a negative impact on him..

A coach will help in managing and controlling multiple goals and ensure that we give the same amount commitment to achieving these contradictory goals without giving priority to one and neglecting the rest.

5. Personal Responsibility– The basic reason that people opt for personal trainers in the gym is the very reason one should choose a personal communication coach. You worker harder with a coach than you would by yourself.. A communication coach will be of great support in this journey of learning and communicating in English.

6. Attitude towards English- Attitude is an important factor to be taken into account when attempting to learn and master a particular language. It’s natural to feel anxious or nervous when you are out of your comfort zone.
Having a communication coach will help you look at the language differently with a fresher perspective..

Fluent Life : Fluent English

At FluentLife, a communication coach works with the student to create a structured environment which fosters learning, growth and development .
Having a coach on your side can quite literally transform the state and quality of your communication abilities as well as enhance your personality . Through our customized sessions we ensure that the motivation that is given in class lasts beyond these classes.