6 Key Aspects To Developing A Confident Personality

By October 8, 2018Blog, Learning, Office, WordPress

Self Confidence goes a long way in building your “Personal Brand”. A confident person is looked upon and trusted. A confident communicator has desirable qualities that paves the way for success.

Here are 6 key aspects to developing a confident personality

1.Prepare and Prepare well. If you have a good knowledge of the subject, it will help you speak with certainty and assertively. It is also important to –

  • Analyze your audience / People you are interacting with .
  • Tailor your message according to your audience for a better connect.When your audience agrees with you, you have this magical surge of confidence within you
  • Your body language reflects how you feel about yourself. Make a deliberate attempt to work on these nonverbal messages that you give away.

2. Believe in yourself and the message you want to deliver. The audience can sense it if your message lacks conviction.

This is the reason preparing and practicing is of utmost importance. Once you understand what the audience is looking for, you will be well rehearsed with your own set of argument, facts and evidences. To be convinced about the message you are delivering you need to –

  • Choose your Strategy, Content and Words wiselyWhat should be held back?  What can be shared? What should be shared so that it works in your favor.
  • Create a win-win Situation– No one likes to be at the losing end. Are you suggesting something that will help the other person?  By understanding & respecting their needs, you are creating a positive environment. Self Confidence thrives in an healthy atmosphere which is built on mutual trust.

3. Listen more than you speak- Good listening skills are as important as good communication skills. Being a careful and considerate listener helps you build stronger relationships.

4. Increase your Social Intelligence . There is a direct link between great social intelligence and high confidence level.

  • Break out of your Comfort zone : If you are socially awkward, then you need to put that extra effort to be social. It is natural to want to interact with people who you feel comfortable with. The more you interact with people with diverse cultures , different professional background, you are creating an opportunity for yourself to tap into fresh and new perspectives from people around you.
  • Different Personalities, Different Perspectives:Broaden your ThinkingYour thoughts will not be just limited to your opinion and your experiences. You will learn to understand and respect different point of views.Understanding other people’s emotions and predicting their actions and behavior makes you a better communicator and gives the necessary boost to your confidence levels.

5.Dress Appropriately- When you look good you feel good. Moreover, people judge you by the way you dress. Focus on making a good first impression.

6.Focus on Personal Growth & Development : Never be complacent. Try to think of ways of continually improving, not just in your professional field but also outside of work. Make a habit of reading .Everyday !!! Take up a new hobby, Take certifications that will help you advance in your career. When you learn something new, you will get a personal sense of satisfaction which will definitely boost your confidence.


“ Self Confidence is the most attractive quality you can have.How can anyone see how great you are, if you can’t see it yourself”- Unknown